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Musings while Throwing ice in the Apt Pool to cool off the water


So exactly when are folks going to learn that BEARS have gotten sick of HUMANS?! The two boys mauled were Black too!! That means EVERYBODY was out of their element!!


All weekend I was just breaking out in a sweat and just freaking hot! I wonder if these were GASP! Hot Flashes!


As if I can focus enough some days to even do THIS blog, I think I am going to go old school and do a handwritten diary to chronicle moving through the teenagers Senior Year and all that jazz. I think that after I am deceased, this will be a keepsake for her cause all the rest of my diaries over the years will send her straight to therapy. I am seriously considering burning it all before I die – not sure I even want folks to know me like that. My goal is to start August 1st and chronicle till I drop her off at College 2012.


It has really come to my attention that I fall in love with RG at least twice a week, sometimes more. The good part – over the course of our 5 years together, I have fallen out of like with him maybe twice.


If the reason you all NEVER cover your mouth is because you don’t want to smell your own breath rolling back on you = PLEASE CONSIDER WE DON’T WANT TO SMELL THAT SHIT EITHER!! The ONLY folks I ever see doing this and I’ve looked is Toubob! WTH?!


I have a come back this afternoon coupon for a $200 GRANDE iced coffee. Damn if it ain’t calling me!


This week I will be taking my sugars daily – I need to get a gauge here on some things.


Exactly who are we fooling into believing that we are going to drive all the way to Orlando, look at a college and turn right back around when Harry Potter at Universal is like screaming our name…ha! ha! ha! The whole conversation is crazy, lol lol lol Here we come!


God is a man and the white man is the devil – don’t worry bout all the rest that I might participate in – this right here has proven itself true for me time and time again…like daily!


Did Tina from Mary Mary really think that little shrug jacket was going to make folks not say Um Sista – -that flaming red cleavage dress is making my left eye water from it’s flaming dance into Harlotdom, lol lol


I actually liked Thor better than Captain America. My stickler with it? Wasn’t no integration on that level during Hitlers Time in the Army and certainly not on the street? GTFOH?! They will re-write history through hook and crook.


Having flashbacks of the bucket of oxtails RG ate in front of me – Whewwwwwwwwwww how you gonna eat up all my stew?!


Scupphines have been spotted and the acquisition has begun. Lord save me from driving up Buford Hwy this evening!




I walked around in a total state of Happiness this weekend, really I was just happy – YET peace can sometimes be elusive. There is a connection between the two but they don’t automatically join on at the same time.


The Fall/Winter Natural hair show is coming this September, I’ll be there two hours in advance on the first day and I’m going alone – it’s like a Navy Seal Mission or something, lol lol


I have a feeling I won’t see them until 2012 and they live 40 minutes away.


Exactly why can’t we just get a reprieve from womanly functions during the summer months?! It’s just too hot for all that!!


The folders of planning and activities are piling up on my desk – but I’ll be organized dammit if it kills me.


I found my dining room table (YAY) so now I may scrapbook – I know, I’m rolling my eyes as well.


I watched J-Lo’s Behind the Music and I’m still giving the side eye and fascinated at her and Mark divorcing. Why won’t they go to counseling? This might not be popular, but if one of the sticklers had to do with her ramping up her career again – I would tone it down to save my Marriage. She got everything, what exactly else does she need? Cant’ it wait till the twins are like in Kindergarten or something? You better ask Jennifer Garner Affleck……….


One of the greatest ticket to hell that Black Folks (all folks but i’m focusing on us) have purchased and I’m ashamed for us as a race is this whole Molestation thing. Exactly why am I the lucky one to never have been molested?! WTF?! I was not even aware of the seemingly normality of it all until I became an adult adult and realized that sooooooo many folks I know have been molested, like an alarming number. I am soo sorry for everyone that has had to go through such a horrible thing – um exactly why are we continuously acting like this is not going on? Somebody tell me. Hide how broke you really are but let’s start yelling out about these folks in our families and close to our families that are scarring our children. WTF?!


I have no idea where the remote to the Blue Ray Player went? Um if someone is holding it ransom – shoot me an email, I do want it back.


The foam Thor Hammer I have been beating RG with all weekend has given me so much joy!!


That reminds me – I really wanna play with toys again….there are so many cool dolls out there.


August 1st will mark the end of some things and the beginning of others.



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