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Challenge Day 21 – A photo of something that makes you happy.

(Originally to be posted July 22, 2011)

RG took this picture of me and labeled it totally plugged in and this is something that makes me happy. When I am on and working with all three of these items, sometimes at the same time – it makes me feel so good. I use all of them too, so don’t think one is replacing the other. In my fantasy land – I have my own office with a cushy chair where I have a desk kinda like you used to have at school and I can just sit there watch a good quality TV and work on all my devices comfortably. I wouldn’t even have a traditional desk. I would use my super chair and then use the rest of the office for my crafts etc. I would need an island in the middle for laying out stuff but when I think of it – I see that chair George Jetson used to sit in to work, lol lol lol



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