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Drag Thursday

Well Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday where novice meets fashion/beauty and all the rest. Here’s where I’m at. There’s really nothing going on for me. I’ve settled into a routine and it hasn’t changed that much. I haven’t even bought anything since our last meeting. At this point, this upcoming weekend, I need to pick up a few refills on some things and that’s about it. I am using and experiencing what I have.

Still hanging in there with my wigs. This past weekend I actually did a personal challenge, because I do stuff like this. I wanted to rock 3 wigs and 3 outfits in one day, lol lol With a slightly different face for each look. I started out that morning in my casual wig with a head band dressed down to hang out with the teenager, that afternoon I changed into what I wore to work that Friday (lol) to go and try to be on the Family Feud with the wig I am currently wearing to work and later on that evening I got a bit dressier and decided to rock one of the wigs I made previously. There was something about it that was calling me. The crazy thing was that since I made that wig – I discovered Jane Carter Leave In Conditioner. Being that the wig was human hair, I revived it with Jane and it turned out HOT!!! I almost wanted ot wear it to work but to keep my continuity going I didn’t. Please believe it’s going on my head Saturday Morning to be rocked all weekend!!

The three wigs in order of appearance but only the last picture is from the actual day.  I’m trying to stop taking so many pictures of every damn thing – yea right,lol lol lol The other two are just the wigs but not the look.  You see how lush that evening wig is.  Man that bad boy is firah!!

In terms of what make up I wore that day, I started out the morning with a very pastel soft palette. That afternoon I darkened up my lid and left the crease and brow lighter with just a fill in of the original color. That evening – I coordinated the lid eye darker and added liner to make it pop. I never took any make up off. I started with a light brush of bronzer in the daytime w/concealer. I went to a bronzer for the afternoon and I add a stroke of Cover Girl buffed out with bronzer for a more finished look for the evening.

Well that’s about it people. Like I said, nothing exciting going on over here!! Till Next Time: SASHAY AWAY!!!!


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