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73 degrees at 7am musings!


Why do I feel the need to put Kirk Frankly in my pocketbook everytime I see him? It’s just him, Kevin Hart doesn’t do that to me, lol lol He carries his littleness with a different swagger, lol


RG and I have been singing we fall down and Amazing Grace all weekend. #SundayBest


Lifetime Movie Channel can be so addictive on a Sunday!!


I think I feel some kinda way that J-Lo and Marc Anthony are separating – she might wanna stop trying to get married.


Woudln’t it be funny if she got back with Diddy? LOL


Why folks always assuming Jay is ‘aroused’ when he’s with his wife? Um, I’m aroused watching her so I’m sure he is, lol


NIGGAS!!! Just had to get that off my chest.


not to be putting our biz out but it’s like part Broadway, part vaudeville, part Soul Train, part Martin (1st and 2nd season) and all Love in my wife’s and I private time. I love this woman




– RG

There comes several pivotal time in all relationships. I had one this weekend, the point where your man says “Be quiet and listen” Ladies what you do at this instant right here can define a piece of your relationship. Think long and hard about what you do next after that comes out his mouth and one day it will come out his mouth.


As happy as I am, is it wrong to want even more?


Soo because FIVE YEARS LATER you still mad at YOURSELF and the decisions you’ve made in your life – you decide that you want to send the gifts we gave the baby back. You know what?! SEND MY SHIT BACK!!! So now I have a contract that I will pay on till it’s up before I let you manipulate the situation anymore. It must take a lot to warm your cold heart up. THEN my child is now involved emotionally missing her, but that doesn’t matter. Funny, all you are doing is making his life choice that much sweeter.


Really, if I find out that any of my friends are on this level of bullshit whether it be facebook or not – consider unfriending me. I’m not with it.


I like the little five points area and would consider that being our next spot. I can see us walking to have dinner etc. Not to mention I still want me a porch!


I was so tempted to rock my weekend hair today – but for the sake of continuity and business – I will stick to my plan and rock it this weekend.


Counting down to us getting away for a few days.


The fact I have so much of my daily routine mapped out in the event I hit it big does kinda freak me out, lol lol How have I planned out to year 3 of being rich when I need to be planning out to day 1 of being broke!!


Sometimes the Facebook keeps me on smirk.


Wondering why I keep getting smaller and my mid section just chillin. I so look like an egg, lol


See how that is over and done with? That’s because this is what we do – stay in your lane and let us do what we do – we’ll tag you in if it’s ever necessary.


I need to organize my coupons – we have places to go eat!!!


Looking for some reason to celebrate so I can do brunch at Copelands!!

Watching ABC Family’s original movie “Cyber Bully” wore me out! Good grief!  yet as a sensitive person, I totally understand – it isn’t always the act persay it’s how you digest the act.  yea I asked the teen about it at her school.  She rolled her eyes.


Why is my August calendar jam packed already?!


In the next couple of years – I want to be on an island with my girls.


The three of us are getting along fabulously – sitting quietly watching the wonderful relationship take hold with the teenager and her ‘dad’. Thank You God that I didn’t force it or rush it – it must happen on it’s on to have any real meaning.


The teenager wants to know if her fathers family even cares she’s about to turn 18 and graduate. They will when I’m done.


As good as I’ve had it – I never knew it could be this good!! Really?


For some reason I want to have a formal reception. Might do it to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary with friends.


No one is allowed in my house until I get my carpet cleaned WTFH?!


The lady flask has added everything to the summer of 2011!!





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