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Drag Thursday

Whew! Talk about hot!! Hello and welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday, where a novice like me tries to become a semi-professional, lol. The A-T-L is going through a heat wave, so let me get this out before it’s time to go get another 100 oz of water.


Despite the scorching heat, I actually, am still wearing foundation and a wig, lol You would think I would just be a puddle of chocolate Yaki number 4 at my desk, but it’s because I sit at a desk that I can still formally make up my face and it not be so bad. I only go from the house to the car to the train to the building and a lot of that is covered – I’m not exposed for long periods of unheated time to the elements so a mid – day buff and I’m cool. Now on the weekend, I have been more prone to just buff on some powder or bronzer and call it a day. The foundation of the week has been Milani Mousse. I love this stuff. I hardly think I’ll be able to find this shade retail again, so I need to go on Ebay and see can I get me another bottle before this one wears out. It’s a tad bit darker than my other foudations so it is most definitely for the summer months. Otherwise my day to day regime is the same. No new product or anything. I’m glad I actually stopped buying. This allows me to work with what I have. I’ve been focusing on not always making my eyes match my outfit. Doing complimenting eyes is cool, but contrasting eyes is fun. Just because I have on blue doesn’t mean I have to have a blue eye – what about a green eye with blue highlights? I’ve also began working with my lower lid – giving it some flavor as well.


It takes a good couple of weeks for a wig to settle on your head and begin to really give you the look you want and mine is finally there. It’s not giving me any problems and because I have my own hair widely parted for circulation – it’s not as hot as one would think. I know some folks scream at the thought of wearing a wig in this kinda heat, but it’s no different than a weave and I’ve worn them for two or three summers now and haven’t been affected. I do try to make sure I have my head plenty of air during the evenings and it’s the last thing I put on in the morning.


As you can tell, I’ve had to add to my storage collection. Really it’s getting out of hand. There are some kitchen pantries that are bigger than my bathroom and my counter space is just MISSING, so I have to go up. I finally found the three drawer box that I had been using so I have piled them all on top of each other. The issue? I’m already out of room, just spreading out what I already have. SIGH. Several of the blogs I read suggest Ikea for better storage systems, I may need to make a trip – especially since I want to begin picking up odds and ends for the College Bound Kid (YIKES!).


Before I end this, I want to organize and push out some hair/beauty randomness that I’ve been keeping in my mental rolodex:


  • Shaving creams are awful to me and then I discovered cheap conditioner. I now use it for all my shaving needs and it works perfectly!!
  • Eco- Gel is perfect for giving your eyebrows the control they need. I put a dab on my fingers and smooth them bad boys down.
  • With my own eyes I’ve seen how heat can alter the texture of your hair. My hair muse had this huge bushy head of hair and then she decided to go to the salon and so maybe once a month she comes in with flat ironed hair. It almost touches her butt – but I have noticed that now when she’s wearing it in it’s natural state – it looks much more pourous than thick like it used to and the curls are not as rocky as they once were. Her texture has ‘softened’ for lack of a better word.
  • I prefer razoring my eyebrows more so than wax, but it seems that’s a hood thing and I have to travel to have it done.
  • I am going to purchase me one of the discount sites coupons for a facial. I swear my nose would go from meaty to neaty once I had someone pressurize the sides. I know there is a colony of blackheads just chilling.
  • I need to watch some concealer application videos. Got this good MAC and I still feel like it’s not covering these few marks I would like it to.
  • If you wear glasses, take them off sometimes and look at your naked face. This is how I discovered some dark under eye issues and now I put concealer there as well.
  • I did an afro check (I don’t do length) and I can’t wait to show ya’ll what’s been going on up under this wig. All I will say is that I’ve come full circle.
  • Funny my hair is bone straight when I comb it out from the corn rows SIGH. I need product to get that kinky look I strive for.
  • I’m amazed that folks still have so much to say concerning their hair. If it’s not about your initial journey, or something provocative within the entire sphere – I’m over the whole hair thing.
  • I’m mad I don’t have anything to report about hair products etc. I’m just not a junkie (in that area).
  • I’ve been rocking what’s in my closet for the first time in a long time. I don’t panic when it’s time to go out – I actually have a few pieces!! I’m excited.
  • Am I the only one reveling in the fact that the ‘everyday’ woman can have the baddest shoes now? The shoes that are out today come in all price ranges and I’ve seen some HOT STUFF!!
  • Don’t you want to win 10 minutes in Ross like I do?


Well folks, I feel the tiny hairs on my arms catching fire as I type so let me go get some lemonade and some shade. Till next time…SASHAY AWAY!!


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