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Challenge Day 13 – Your Favorite Musician & Why

Sometimes it just get too easy, lol lol lol I won’t even try, lol I’ll just cut and paste from my standard response concerning the man.

I sat watching Soul Train with my family. The Jackson Five were to perform. I wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about, afterall I was what six, seven years old? Then they came out and began singing. My young heart began beating so fast, I thought I was going to pass out! I looked into those almond eyes staring back at me in those quite colorful clothes and when he said “Come here Girl I think I love yah! Show me what you can do” I got to shaking my little Muslim Hips, cause I just KNEW he was talking to me – this can’t possibly be what love is all about – but it was and I had begun my first love affair — with Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, His Brothers and Sisters have been thru my entire life with me. I don’t necessarily identify with the ‘typical’ fan because it’s not only about the music for me. I can recognize that Mike has some issues etc. but his music DOESN’T, and that’s what I focus on now as an adult; but let’s go back to when I was into the MAN, lol. I think he is responsible for the ‘romantic dellusions’ I have today, lol My entire room as a teenager, was covered with pictures of him. I had diaries devoted to him, letters I wrote weekly, the record player with his face on it and an undying passion to be his wife,lol.

Part of my popularity in late elementary school and early High School was the FIVE VOLUME fairytale that I had written chronicling our life from him meeting me at 16 to us celebrating our 25 wedding anniversary and everything in between. I would hold ‘readings’ such as they do today, where girls and guys would gather while I read aloud all of our exploits. Five – five subject composition books full of our life.

When ‘Destiny’ came out the album cover was a fold out. Mike was at one end and Randy was at the other. I learned about kissing from that album cover. My girlfriend and I would put that record on and as we sat and listened we would ‘make out’ with them. She was into Randy because I didn’t associate with anyone that was into Mike, lol lol I have that cover still and their lips are kissed off, lol

There was a song for EVERYTHING that was ever going on in my life, lol lol As my young adult angst went to an all time high – HE was there. No matter who I was in love with that week (lol) Mike was the one who could sing about it and make me feel good or better. Parental problems, eventually He covered that for me as well, job issues – He got that covered, stupid negro issues – He always has that covered, Orgasmic heights of bliss, he got that too.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Mike three times in my lifetime live. All with his Brothers but seeing him nonetheless. I saw him twice in Atlanta and I saw him in Philly.

When I see him perform, a few things happen. I get extremely hot and have to take my clothes off and I get woozy. This is no lie, When the CBS special came out, I stripped and got right in front of the TV and passed out. I can cut that special on today and I’ll sit there and swear it won’t get to me and it does, lol

As I got ready to marry my soul mate there was no one else that I wanted to be at this union but Mike. After much searching I walked down the aisle to the Orchestral version of “Someday In Your Life” and walked out on “Can You Feel It?”

As I sit here today, trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my muse and comforter is gone – one thing I do know Mike is and will always be the ‘soundtrack of MY Life’


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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