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The Book Shelf – Collections and Addictions.



If I read more than 5 of an authors books then I consider you a part of my ‘collection’. I might miss a few, but overall, they are someone that I enjoy reading and I anticipate their writings. Sometimes I am impatient as I know it takes a minute to write, publish and get out a book, but I am so into what you are saying and making me see and feel that I need my fix NOW!! These are my ‘Addictions” I currently have about 4 that I qualify as “Collectible” and two of those are on the ‘gotta have my fix list’ Let’s start out with the “Addictions”


Maureen Smith


Ahh the black romance novel. A totally together black woman in her mid-thirties doing her to the fullest either just out of some funky relationship, has a history of funky relationships or not interested at all in one. Usually in one of the ‘black meccas’ (Dallas, Atlanta, DC etc.) Some college educated, suit wearing on the weekdays horse/motorcycle/Escalade driving on the weekend, executive special kinda fine brother. Has a bevy of compliant sistas at his beck and call but wants this special woman to call his. They go back and forth, he finally gets a kiss, they fall onto the smoothness of 1000 count sheets and that’s all she wrote. Who does NOT love that?! I had grown tired of the whole scene and put up the Romance novel, until a friend encouraged me to check out Maureen. HONEY CHILEEEEE!! I fell so in love with her topics, the way her people meet, the particular kind of man she has as her ‘hero’ (Really this is the MAN I always see when I go to that fantasy place) and there is just something about the way her stories come together that moves me. I have actually felt emotion reading her books! I have voraciously over the course of six weeks read EVERYTHING she’s written (give or take maybe 1 book from back in the day). I sit around shaking waiting on her to release the next one. She is responsible for me moving into the Kindle space. She released a book only available there and I sat and read the entire thing in three hours on my PHONE. I haven’t read with that much tenacity since I was a teenager, lol lol


Another thing – I have a raunchy essence to me. I like to read erotica and I expect my people I’m reading about to be getting down you hear me. Well Maureen has me having to take a cool shower. RG is MOST APPRECIATIVE of Maureen, lol lol She gives it to you as if she’s speaking to me. I feel like I’m personally involved in all of her books because they all just give me what I need, lol lol


As well as, she super nice. I friended her on Facebook and she talks to her fans and replies if they say something and she keeps us up to date on her writing. I am eagerly awaiting more from her!! I can’t even give you a real review of her work all I can do is point you in the direction so you can get you some LIFE BABY!!


Beverly Jenkins


I just flew prostrate at her feet as I type this. I can’t remember how and where I got turned on to her (and by her by the way, lol lol) but NO ONE has ever made post slavery look and feel that good. We’ve all seen traditional Historical Romances. We make jokes about heaving bosoms and men in chaps in exotic locales rescuing damsels in distress. Well Beverly has given us a face and a place in this world with the Black Historical Novel. All of her covers give me FEVER!! I have lusted after these men for years now and she is one where I have in my possession her entire collection. She even wrote some Teenage historical romances and I read those as well. She has written two other ‘types’ of book series but I haven’t been as much of a fan because I’m so stuck on her Historical novels. Reading them is not only a trip back in time but a wonderful solid history lesson as well. She does extensive research about the time period and it brings so much realness to her characters and the time period. Who would have thought while reading about strapping black men making a way for us out here in this world, you could also get a lesson!! I am forever a fan of hers and sometimes just go on my book shelf and run my fingers along all her books, remembering the great times I’ve had with them. If you have never read this type of book, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read her collection!!


Travis Hunter


Just like it takes a man to raise a man, it takes a man to really tap into the thought process of one, even a fictional one. I have always been intrigued with fiction from a male point of view because it takes me away from where I live at (which is from the female vantage of course). I remember getting a Travis Hunter book at some kinda sale. It was called “Married and Still Looking” I finally got around to reading it and couldn’t put it down. First of all, most of his stories take place in Atlanta so there is this familiarity to them and second it was just a good story. This was awhile ago. Once I started reading again, I searched him on Amazon to see what else he had been writing while I was away and I immediately decided to challenge myself to read them all, so that’s what I did. He is a very good writer and knows how to merge urban life and the real world. He gives you enough to feel like he’s not forgetting the hood, without living there. Reminds me of how I like to live on the cusp of the ghetto. I want to be able to get me some fish and some weave glue but I really need Romelo and nem to not necessarily live next to me. That’s Travis, lol I met him one time, at the book store telling him about this great male author he should read, turned the book over and it was him, lol lol lol Several folks run into him and that’s always good – he’s accessible to the people. He has a new one coming out in September called “Momma’s a Virgin” That’s on my list!! Check him out when you have a chance!




I got one word for you – GULLY!! Let me repeat that so you won’t be confused GULLY!! These books are NSFW and for some of you NSFL (Not Safe For Life) LOL!! You really need to be open and grown to get into these books. They were the first Urban Novels I got into. RG teases me all the time about the funky titles like Thong on Fire etc. I remember on my Honeymoon, folks were reading, you know, James Patterson etc. and I was reading “THUGLACIOUS” ROTFL ROTFL The stories make you feel like you are sitting in a room (a room where the entrance is beads) and you’ve just go the best contact high of your life. Everything is in technicolor and you just grooving at all the fuckery around you. Yea that’s Noire!! If you want a ride on the GULLY side of town, these are the books for you. I don’t see them coming out with anything right now, but I check frequently.


Deja King


With the turn in rap music to the glorification of hoes, money and the hood glamourous life, there came a market for the Urban Street Novel. They are like every rap video you’ve ever seen all wrapped up into one. They usually 9 times out of 10 take place in NYC and surprisingly a girl/woman are usually the focal point. It’s like the voice of the video hoe. If she could speak, this would be her story. I’m not necessarily a fan of all of the stories and types of stories but when I discovered Deja King and her series “Bitch” I was HOOKED!! she has written wha? 5 or 6 books on this one set of characters and each one usually has me at some point during the novel screaming!! It really speaks to that inside of me that probably wishes she could come out and play with no repercussions. Booty shorts, hair done every week, long skanky finger nails and some negro to pay for it all. Nigga where’ my waddage? Currently this persona only appears for RG and that’s ANOTHER blog post, ROTFL. Bitch, Bitch Reloaded, The Bitch is Back, Queen Bitch and Last Bitch Standing is one of the best series around in this genre of writing. The lead characer Princess Cummings has been through some shit – but I see why she named the books what she did, because several times you just catch yourself saying ‘this a bad bitch right here!” It’s light weight enough not to scare folks but ghetto enough for you to feel like you wanna ride out, lol lol Bitch A New Beginning is scheduled to come out Aguust 16th and I’m ON IT. I will put down whatever I am reading to get into it.


So there you have it! These are my Addictions and Collections. I have a few more Carl Weber and his funny intricate plot books and Vickie M. Stringer and the Dirty Red Series, but overall these are the folks that make reading worthwhile right now in my life.


Next week, let’s get into some actual books I would recommend!



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