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Heatstroke Ramblings


If this funky negro don’t get up from beside me on the train. Good Lawd!! Now his funk has overtook my bath, lotion and perfume!!


I am saying now, next weekend won’t be so hectic. It can’t be as hectic as this weekend was.


Can you say HOT! It just wraps itself around you like a fur coat!!


It was like a Tyler Perry Movie Wedding…really it was.


The MWC Round table can be quite healing.


Yes I can be sensitive so now that we have that established……


It is perfectly okay if a person thinks a fad or whatever is stupid, that’s your opinion but learn for yourself where things come from – sometimes even I have to admit – we use the race card all willy nilly.


The best chuckle I’ve had this past week has been the Jackson Fans going IN on the Sylvers Fans. Can’t wait to see if they mention that on Unsung.


I am still in a prostrate position hoping that a group of managers and promoters are working out the kinks of the New Edition show with Boys to Men and special guest 112. Let’s all just get back together and relive the 90’s. I love the 80’s but there were some good moments in the 90’s as well.


I tell you give a Teenager some money and watch the fireworks begin, lol lol


So we’re telling each other off again, what else is new? Well there is a new component and we are gonna have to address that.


Is it really almost time for school to start back? That sure snuck up on me.


I’m thinking on a cafepress store of class of 84 items? I need to read up on that.


I see why babies need to be touched. We all need to – it’s a joyous feeling.


I’ve been making a conscious effort to touch and hug the teenager, this is a growing, learning and time of change and I know she keeps things inside so I massage her now a days to keep it all evenly




That plate of food from the Muslim Center yesterday was TO DIE FOR!! I usually always spill something, lol I ate the open plate in the car on the high way!


In a minute my make up box will touch the ceiling, lol


Looking forward to chillin in Savannah in August


Exactly who are Black Media Scoop and why are they so late and loud?


What does it mean when a cell phone has a busy signal? I thought all phones had call waiting.


So they are coming out with the iphone 5 (or 4S depends on who you believe) and possibly another Ipad. Really Apple? Really? I will just be happy with what I have and wait for the new OS to come out. Here is a keeping up with the Jones or should I say Jobs that I won’t be participating in.


My laptop battery has announced it no longer wants to work and is on life support. I guess I need to find one on Ebay. SIGH


I need to start a list of everything the teenager will need – then go cry about everything the teenager needs.


Some stuff is NSFW and then some stuff is NSFL (Not Safe For Life)


I admire the people who take like 14 straight days off from work. I’d prefer lots of long weekends.


Why can’t I ever find my chapstick?!


What does it mean when a cell phone just buzzes busy? They still do that?


I did a fro check the other day and I’m quite pleased. quite pleased.

Actually I can’t support it because though the punishment might not fit the crime – it was shady at best.


I need to download some music – my phone is hurting for some new stuff.


and I STILL haven’t scrapbooked!!!!!



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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “Heatstroke Ramblings

  1. Sonya ⋅

    Girl, you come up with stuff! When’s the book coming out? *LOL*

    “If this funky negro don’t get up from beside me on the train. Good Lawd!! Now his funk has overtook my bath, lotion and perfume!!”

    LMBO! Scraight foolywang!

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