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Challenge Day 7 – Your Dream Wedding


What a great day to write about weddings! This weekend I am the Matron of Honor in a Friends wedding! So weddings have been on my mind.


I remember my first wedding. It was at the Brooklyn Courthouse in New York City. I wore a cinched in the waist white dress and He wore a black suit with a red bowtie. I took off from work and a co-worker who’s name I just can’t remember came down to be my witness. We had not one family member there. Afterwards, we actually went back to work. I remember standing at the subway entrance and calling my mom, crying because I was just overwhelmed with the whole thing and suddenly felt some kinda way about…eloping.


Fast forward to the Wedding (and Marriage) that was like a dream to me. My wedding to RG. It was all I wanted and more. After looking around, we decided to do something that summed up our relationship – so we jetted off to Vegas. Here are some of the highlights of the entire thing:


Finding Casino Boxes for the wedding favors at the dollar store

The ease with which the process came together.

Me NOT being a Bridezilla…at all.

Taking the word wedding off of dress and saving hundreds

Parents meeting us and each other the day before the wedding.

the “Fur” and Truck I got as wedding gifts from RG

Deciding to wear my hair in a ‘natural’ hairstyle

My bonus daughter being pulled out of the wedding at the last minute and me super imposing her into my wedding book

Discovering (with my bama ass) that you can walk in the street and drink

“Man I love her she got drinks in both hands” – my future brother in law

My mom wearing white as well………..

My Indian/hawaiian Minister Lucky

My mom almost knocking us over as we tried to get to lucky.

Meeting all of RG’s friends at one time

My bachelor party and tearing a hole in Lee’s ceiling – stripped fail!

My work bridal shower

using a web site where you could donate to our honeymoon as our wedding gifts (this was a bit before it’s time)

RG’s grooms men about to cry during the ceremony

having more people than the chapel could hold

picking the chapel because Brittney Spears had her 48 hour wedding there.

Having that many people spend money to see me get married

Honoring my first husband on my wedding program

having the wedding broadcast live via the internet for those that couldn’t make it

coming down the aisle to Michael Jackson

Marrying the LOVE OF MY LIFE!

HOWEVER, I’ve described the second dream wedding because my dream dream wedding will be when The Teenager walks down the aisle…I’m bout to cry just thinking about it.!!



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One response to “Challenge Day 7 – Your Dream Wedding

  1. Michelle ⋅

    You know I love weddings so I most love this article! Thanks for the recap!

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