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Challenge Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

I am NOT a pet person.  I’ve just never been interested in it.  I am a “Grand Mother” however, because the teenager has a bird…Sonni.  We had two but due to an unfortunate turn of affairs over the Christmas holidays – one passed away. R.I.P.  Birds are cool, but I tend to still feel something about them being locked away like that.  Sonni is buck wild with his and we might get him another mate because currently he’s in love with his reflection which we have named Tony.  He spends way more time than necesssary screaming and hollaring at “Tony’ to come along with him out of the cage.  it’s the funniest,, saddest thing ever.  I already know when the teenager goes away to college, I’ll be den mother for the bird(s).  So that’s enough for me.

By the way RG is not a pet person either so we have no disagreement there.

If I had to have an animal, the teacup or minature Terriers are about the cutest things I’ve ever seen.    I would be ok with it until it vomited or something and then I’m done.

Backing up a bit – growing up we had a couple of pets. We had a dog named Bosco – some kinda mixem up German Shepard. We got him as a puppy and he was lost in the house for a few days because he got out of the box and hid SIGH.  Bosco was also BUCK WILD because we didn’t teach him anything – he got hit by a truck R.I.P. We had several fish – all of them named Fred.  We also had a chicken, who started out as a chick during the Easter Holidays. His (or her) name was Baby. 

The issue was that my brother was VERY sensitive and the whole animal not making it thing used to stress him out so bad and it was always so sad when something died – that I thought I really didn’t want to put the Teenager through all of that. 

We’ve had a few fish and now we have birds but I only can take care of humans, so I won’t be getting any other pets anytime soon.


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One response to “Challenge Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

  1. Sonya ⋅

    My dad’s name is Fred. He’s dead too.

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