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Challenge Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

I had finally gotten me a job with the City of Atlanta and it was a cool job too.  (If only it would have paid more).  I was establishing myself in the workforce in Atlanta (greatly due to another friend) and I was doing okay.  That summer we got an intern.  She was a bubbly thing.  Really bubbly.  I don’t know what it was about her, but probably within the first day (it is a big fuzzy) we clicked and we’ve been clicking every since.  We had a great summer!!  Some of our best times included having a drink at Underground during lunch.  I still can see me sitting at the FRONT DESK with shades on, lol lol

I’ve had a lot of friends – no I HAVE a lot of friends.  I thrive off of personal relationships and take them seriously.  I think it’s very important that you have people in your life that enrich it. I think it’s important that you enrich someone’s life.

I’ve spoken before about friendships – I have had some ups and downs but where I am today with the group I call my friends today – I have hit my stride.

ALICIA means EVERYTHING to me.  She and her family accepted me and my child.  I can remember sleeping on her chair many a holiday as I was moving around Atlanta alone over the cold holiday months.  We NEVER argue or fight.  We just vibe.  As I continued to rediscover me and what makes me who I am – it just so happen – she was a lot of that stuff too,lol lol  Not to many people (I will discuss the only other person in a minute) ‘get’ us.  Our minds are just wired a teeny tiny bit different.  She is my Sister, she is my crutch, if I don’t speak to her (and she to me) after a few days we literally fiend for each other. She is the only person other than these folks that live in here with me, that I can sit around and not say one word, even take a nap with and it all be gravy.

I am actually posting several pictures because one of the blessing that I received out of having this friendship is that I became friends with another fabulous Sister TY. She has a heart of gold and we all just fit.   THREE is our number.  RG always says to me, “ya’ll just do you.  Powderpuff girls are THREE, Charlies Angels are THREE, Destiny Child at it’s best were THREE, the Supreme’s were THREE you get my drift, lol lol

So as I bow to submit to the fact that I’ve learned to respect the power of love – this also pertains to women as well.  I LOVE these two women.  I am IN LOVE with these two women and I fully expect to spend the rest of my life celebrating life with them.

Here’s a little known fact:  I’m 7 years OLDER than them, lol lol lol


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