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Challenge Day 3 – your idea of a perfect first date

I’ve been on a lot of first dates in my dating life, lol. It’s always an awkward situation, but seeing as I usually began the conversation online, they probably were not only first dated but first time ever being face to face.

I’ve had some good first dates and no I wont be all corny and say my first date with RG was the perfect first date because though it was great we went to the movies and ultimately that’s not a good date because there’s no space to talk but then again maybe that works because sometimes we as women can get chatty.

I think perfect first dates are not necessarily about location but what happens during the date. Are we talking? Are we looking at each other in the eye? Are we not 3rd decreeing each other? Is his attention on you and not the broad across the room? Where are your phones and are you on them?

A roving kinda date would be perfect. An open airy place to share a drink and convo. Then maybe a walk, window shopping, a bookstore.

One time a first date took me to Calloway Gardens. It surprised me and it was just a good time there was room to talk, there was sunshine and nature and even a beach lol. No we didn’t get into swimsuits that would have been way to much but the whole scene turned out to be an absolute perfect first date.


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One response to “Challenge Day 3 – your idea of a perfect first date

  1. NikkiFree ⋅

    I’ve always had ideas of what I thought a perfect first date would be. We would do THIS and we would go THERE and we would do THAT. Well, after having had that perfect first date I now know that it’s not a location but a feeling, an atmosphere, something in the air.

    I’ve finally had myperfect first date.

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