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Drag Thursday


Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday!! I so appreciate all of you who tune in on the weekly to see whats going on in my closet, and bathroom, lol lol This week – I actually won’t be focusing on one of my favorite topics…me and instead will be giving the teenager some Drag Love!!


We (because as every parent knows, when they do something you do it whether you want to or not) have entered the work force. For the summer, she has been interning through a wonderful program sponsored by the Atlanta Bar Association, called “The Summer Law Intern Project” She is in a professional atmosphere and wanted to dress the part. I have spoken before on this blog in general in particular about making sure that she is representing her first and her faith second. This has certainly taken our relationship into a direction that I am enjoying. We are sharing in this journey and it gives me ample opportunity to bond with my independent, I can do it myself daughter. As we mold and shape this sometimes it is not 100% to whatever folks are subscribing to as ‘the approved look’ my whole stance is exactly who is doing verbatim everything their faith implores them to do? Whatever, I might not have given her the best spiritual foundation but I certainly gave her a healthy dose of DO YOU and that’s what we riding with.


So as the first day approached, we set out to create a work wardrobe that was stylish, youthful and professional. First order of business was second only to the Scarves that adorn her head and that’s long sleeve undershirts!! It’s June in Georgia – hello!!! These bad boys are hard to find in a fabric light weight enough that she doesn’t explode. I became obsessed with getting her out of dark colors for the summer and I found a great site on line that sold all the colors under the rainbow and then I went to where I KNOW to go – – my trusty thrift and I was able to lay out at least 7 different colors of undershirts for her to mix and match as the base for her shirts.


As she’s progressed, she’s moved away from the ready made Hijabs that I bought her in the beginning and through watching You Tube and other fashion forward Muslima’s, she basically now wraps her own scarfs. Can someone tell me why Scarves are so expensive!? She explained to me that the head piece is actually the foundation of an outfit. She is now wrapping and twirling that bad boy in so many creative styles!! She never goes out the house without making me say wow how did you do that?


Here’s the thing that really makes me smile, she is now by dressing more modestly, so fashionable!! She is the most fashion forward out of her peer group. When she was dressing in wordly gear (can’t think of another word for it) she struggled with body image issues, with the fact all shirts seemed to show cleavage, were her jeans tight enough, did she have on the latest fashion etc. that actually caused her not to really be into clothes, shoes etc. at all. Now that she’s been freed up – she is on it and exploring and laying out outfits and really enjoying the concept of being a young women dressing.


As I always say I don’t know what the future holds in terms of how she will modify her attire over the years, will she continue to dress Hijab? or any of that – but this has certainly allowed her to define how she wants to be perceived as she walks around the world and I can’t do anything but admire her for that.


So as we embark upon the working world, she is showing that the Hijab is not to be feared. That it can be professional and that the person wearing it can be professional, work and get the job done. She has been getting all kinds of compliments about her attire and to see her happy…makes me damn happy!!


I actually secretly am obsessed with making sure she’s sharp – I intend to also make her Senior Year just as fashionable. I have a few sites and things up my sleeve.


Well it’s time for me to Sashay away but I’m leaving a few of her outfits and Hijabs that she’s been rocking.


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One response to “Drag Thursday

  1. Monica C.

    She looks adorable – very professional, but also beautiful and innocent. What more could a mom ask for?! 🙂

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