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Musing while chillin in the shade from Free’s Ass


I am just so thankful to God that I have embraced happiness. I have just been on a roll because I am not feeling burdened down. I really, once recognizing that stress is a killer and is rampant through my family – released it and life has become paramount to me. I have a new shield up and it’s deflecting several levels of BS on the daily. Yea life is still out there kicking ass on the daily and it tries to drop kick me as well, but I’m dealing with it better and all the whining and complaining I’ve put on the back burner. It shows, man does it show! So anyhoo enough of that.


When we are born one of the first things we hear is how beautiful (or handsome) we are. Those first few years we are showered with the sentiment. Then somewhere in there – there is someone or something who totally turns that upside down for us – so many of us then have to make a journey back to seeing ourselves as such for ourselves. I have been making that journey and can do nothing but smile. Once you accept your beauty from within and that light is lit- the glow is so beautiful!!


It is nice to have someone love you but it is WONDERFUL to love yourself!!


Can I just say that I saw so much beauty at my Alumni picnic this weekend, bot male and female. There are a lot of shortcomings within the scope of my people and a lot of circumstances that prevent us from really being great – BUT when I am with a group of us and we are doing and being how we were made to be – it’s a feeling that NO ONE can duplicate!! As always a great time!


I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s why we have choices – so your side remark about me fell on deaf ears.


RG did good this weekend! I have taught him to Scavenger Hunt Well.


Thumbs Up is about as close to a Diner on the Upper West Side of NYC that I can get in this City and I feel a certain feeling wash over me when I am there. Sitting with RG and enjoying early morning chatter is the best!!


What is it that makes Chris Brown’s Performances ‘incomplete’? I think that unlike Usher who had time to experience MJ first hand – Chris is the child who is ‘angry’ because his Father is gone, he acts out on what he ‘thinks’ instead of what he knows. I hope he finds peace so that his lines can become smooth like Usher…like Mike.


Went to the Farmers Market to re-up on food. I’ve gotten my grocery list up to 75% coming from there. Now the actual store is just for things like Milk, bread, fruit cocktail sauces etc. It has been a total advantage for us – This is making us all feel better. I even have fresh herbs still in the pots and I’m doing new things with food, just making it taste better. Now food is still a thorn in my side so tomorrow I may be like I hate all food, lol lol


I’ve been feeling very deep lately, lol lol


Everytime I look at RG – I see Sunshine and want to bask in his light. Yea it’s like that for me.


Exactly why I don’t have any 4th of July plans is beyond me. Not overly plussed to make any either. I think I’ll just float with the wind.


I really can’t wait until the teenager is grown and out on her own, because I want her vantage point on her upbringing post RG. Exactly what did she walk away with and how it has influenced her choices. I’d like to see how his influence and our influence and household in her later years has helped or hindered her. She knows we bring her joy, but as a teenager JOY is not allowed, lol lol lol


I have been leaning towards the color green lately – I need to examine that.


I have been embracing my gifts to the world and I need to examine that.


I was told that I’ve been delving too far into the land of the ‘Queens’ I burst out laughing and can’t wait until the 2nd of July when I’m delving again, lol lol lol


I saw and you think you slick. Just know I saw…that is all.


So many shoes are so fly but only for 15 minutes. I’m on minute 12 in these, lol lol


NOT feeling the going back to school the first part of August. Give me a break!!


I need to start working on the Senior Blog. I need to start working on all the Senior Stuff.


This years BET awards were not as good as last years and speaks volumes to where the music is headed. There’s no real answer to how to showcase the better of the musical bunch, so you just have to create your own moments of musical greatness through what you purchase, download and make playlist of.


When is Stephanie Mills gonna be on the BET Awards?! She needs to stop playing with me, lol lol


Annoying Jackson Family Thing – when making or expressing love and tribute to our beloved Michael Jackson USE IMAGES etc. that we haven’t seen. I’m sure you all have them. Don’t make a tribute video using content anyone can get!! You look just like a regular fan then and not from the inside circle. Geesh!!


I don’t care, I’m saying it, I’m loving Jermaine’s…’comeback’ He’s doing Mike Justice in his tributes etc. I’ll never forget in the ‘movie’ when Michael said, “Jermaine is always to my right and he won’t be there anymore” Well Mike was always to his left…remember that.


Wow it’s lunch time!



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One response to “Musing while chillin in the shade from Free’s Ass

  1. Cassandra

    I can’t believe the Teenager is an upcoming Senior. The Senior blog is a great idea. I wish you had begun it already so that we could read the chronicle of her ‘world of work’ this summer…lol

    And Red has been my color lately. So expect to see me in more of it….lol

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