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A bowl with garnish of just pure randomness – get a spoon, lol


I am so ready to pop off but let me state this here: I don’t date married men or have affairs with them either. So you running around telling folks that we were involved while you two were married is a BOLD FACE LIE!!! I am just about sick of your nonsense, immaturity and and bull shit lady. I really am.


I have YET to see someone attractive and appropriately dressed on Dancehall Queens. They are such fodder for blog nonsense, lol lol


By the Way Homophobia has become really tired. Get a grip people.


I’m so glad its’ Monday because that means its the day AFTER Fathers Day. This was a difficult one. I got a lot going on in my head and heart about the entire subject, but I will be sticking to my heart and that causes me pain and sorrow – so I’m glad yesterday is now today.


I need to try to weasel my way into every Friday off for the rest of the summer. It just….works.


By the time this whole internship is over, I would have spent the equivalent of her summer salary in gas, parking, time and energy – BUT this is a great opportunity and I am forever grateful!! She is now excited about ….work.


Food is for substance and not love.


I wish I could wall paper my entire cubicle with pictures of Michael Jackson. I wish I had a Michael Jackson wall at home.


Trying to figure out exactly what happened to the organization of our HS Class………


I’m excited to make another video for you tube


Still pondering what I want my signature wig look to be. I want it to have reason and purpose and it’s not that folks don’t know it’s a wig, but I don’t want to be all random, lol I have my natural looks but I do want a relaxed look as well. A couple. Damn I need a huge walk in closet!


I see soo many outfits I want to get both Sakinah and I. Me being able to shop off the rack retail…again, gives me lots to look at now. I loves the Old Navy. I loves Kohl’s. I need someplace to go.


As soon as the teenager gets her bathing suit, we are hitting the beach. I want some sand and surf for real. I’m sure soon as I get it, I will freak out and want to get out the sand, lol lol


I have so much to read and so many other things to take my mind away from reading, lol lol


I have slipped a bit on the whole juice thing. Now I will have some Cranberry juice at breakfast at work, but I can say that’s it. I am NOT drinking anything extra past that and I am not drinking anything but approved drinks (outside of the wine I have) at the house. I am counting the carbs etc. and I still feel like I’m on the wagon. Yet I’m sure my blood work might say I’m half on and half off, just because.


Anyone ever have lamb ribs? You haven’t lived until you tried them. I want them….NOW!


Really, that many people can’t be hoodwinked – which means it’s YOU, dahlin.


It’s been brought to my attention that I have been slouching and hunching over when I walk and sit. RG has made this a campaign for me to walk up straight. I’m not sure exactly why I walk like that and so I too am making a conscious decision to walk upright. I need all the height I can get.


Suddenly it dawned on me that my baby is AT WORK!


I want some soup


I feel a lot of dark dark thoughts whirling around in my head.


Why is there a Basketball wives..L.A.?


So I guess I’m the only one who pauses when I see the Dream’s baby by Christina Milan………


I won $20 on a lottery card and so did RG, I hope this means we are getting closer to winning like $1K hey start small and work your way up.


What are these? Forebearance letters until 2011 THANK YOU GOD!!


I want a convertible Mercedes – just thought I’d put that out there.


I thought she was going to have something to say about the fact I’ve been showing a lot of skin lately but NOOO what she did have to say was the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in awhile. I’m still laughing. It was such a slap in the face moment because I would have burst out laughing as well.


We both acknowledge that we so upgraded each other it makes no sense. Secretly we both walk around reliving an episode of Martin – They jocking us, LOL LOL LOL yea we have these conversations.


An in city MWC is needed immediately – thought I’d put that out there too. I just wanna lay around, talk about what we talk about and have liquor nearby, lol lol What would also be nice is a mega nice exclusive wig and weave shop – if that existed.


RG actually me someone who is extremely close with Derek Blanks, if he could hook us up to get a photo shoot OMG OMG OMG I just wanna be airbrushed to a size 8 and have hair that weighs 20 pounds. That is all. I want an alter ego shot and I want my alter ego to be in the mirror as I run a vacuum over the floor. Our whole MWC theme would just be so perfect for a photo shoot.!!! Get at me Derek.


I need to find a podiatrist with the quickness. I don’t wanna wear a boot!!


Would a website of the teenagers senior year be to much? I thought it would be great to chronicle having a senior, getting ready for school, what this is like etc. as well as start up the college fun for Miss Lady. What say you?


I slipped and opened my mouth and said that I wanted to focus some money on the teenagers wardrobe this school year. She’s a senior and I wanted her to have some fly outfits. I am enthralled with the beauty of the look and wanted her to be an example of the modern muslima. The whole concept of modesty is something we just don’t see, esp among the young girls and it’s refreshing, her and her friends. Since I do research I keep up with how to mix and match and keep her cute. She’s been exceptionally cute.


Yea – she really could model for some of these sites. I hope she explores that in her adult hood. She has the LOOK BABY!!


This started at 8am this morning – I’mma need to do better, lol



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