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Dedicated to Parents EVERYWHERE

I don’t even have time or the inclination to research this so I am taking this DIRECTLY from one of my favorite Bloggers AWESOMELY LUVVIE – please go check her out and tell her I sent yah. She doesn’t know who the hell I am, lol lol


Man, there are people in the world who understand me. The dude who wrote the book Go the Fuck to Sleepis one of them. Have you heard of it? Wells, lemme tell ya about it.

Adam Mansbach was tryna get his kids to go to bed one night, and it took over 2 hours for them to finally go to sleep. So he got on Facebook and jokingly told folks he was gonna write a book called “Go the Fuck to Sleep.” His Facebook friends who were parents understood his bedtime struggles and were all enthused about it. So he decided to write this book, which is like a bedtime story we wished we could read our kids at night to get our frustration across. Then he got his friend, illustrator Ricardo Cortés, to make up sweet drawings for it.

Do you see why this book is now a bestseller??? It is genius.

Then to put the cherry on the sundae that is the awesomeness of this book, there’s an audiobook version of it, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, everyone’s favorite potty mouth. And it’s awesomeness was triplicated.

Getchu a piece. While rocking headphones if you’re around kids or at work.

Again, I copied this from AWESOMELY LUVVIE – go check her out!!


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One response to “Dedicated to Parents EVERYWHERE

  1. Misha ⋅

    Awesome Luvvie, founder of the Red Pump Project….fantastic cause.

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