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Multi tasking & Musing


I actually liked when the world was a lot more silent and you could accept and nuture the sounds and the humans you wanted in your space – remember when ‘you have a voice’ was rhetorical? Even I used to be more quiet. Now my world is cluttered (and I am cluttering) with just a lot of sounds – In my mind, I wish I could shut 40% of it UP!


Lauren has put me in an interesting position. She is getting so much love that I am probably going to have to really be careful as to how I phase her out eventually. She might end up being a summer long thing. For the first time, I might have to buy two of the same wigs (it is done) so that I can make sure she doesn’t go by the way side, lol lol


Speaking of, at what point are we going to stop acting like there is a strong possiblity, especially when it comes to black women that their hair might be an add-on? Come on people. In my case in particular – I make no qualms about it and I’m comfortable with the fact that I might switch up. I don’t switch up all willy-nilly and I try to make my stuff seamless in terms of the work place. Please stop acting like you are amazed that my hair grew overnight – ESPECIALLY white folks. Cause I’m checking your blonde locks as well. You ain’t fooling me, lol


Speaking of – don’t let the fact they are shopping at the Farmers Market fool yah. That is the ultimate – i’m not an alcoholic, I just drink….wine spot. Um sir why do you need $113 worth of wine on a Monday. Who has a function on a Monday? You bout to have three glasses a night and the missus is about to have two, ya’ll about to watch Netflix and pass the fluck out. You ain’t fooling nobody cause you hide it among the fresh kale.


I’m still on how the Spinners are the group you know but don’t know!! I always attributed half the songs they sung to other groups during that era like the Chilights, the Dramatics etc. Amazing!


For a minute, yes I did get a bit envious and jealous but then I felt this cool breeze and saw the difference and was quite satisfied that though mine is Junior, it’s SENIOR in what counts.


The whole Grown Ass Woman Steeze is new to me, but I’m adjusting nicely, lol lol


I was deeply affected by those that kidnapped that elderly woman – that could have been someone I know.


Um, I’m already in the work force – what exactly is the point of having these kids all over town, requiring them to show up for an evening meeting in another location and the 7:15 am breakfasts, when the majority of them don’t drive?


Did the bus driver refuse to answer my child when she asked a question and then laughed when she figured it out on her own?


I see skanky and I feel some kinda way about it.


I am still amused with the assumption that because you keep a steady flow going on social media that you are not doing anything else? Social media is designed for it to be incorporated into your day to day routine. If you have the ability to think about more than one thing at a time, then you can keep your social media up to date and do other things. If you know how to type on more than one platform, you can keep your social media up to date. I don’t explain it anymore, lol lol I just say I’m a Gemini and I can multi-task.


Yea I am a little hurt I was blown off. Even if I haven’t confirmed that I was blown off – felt like a blow off to me.


This summer is giving me such a balance – been awhile since I have been on a straight road with not so many hills and valleys


Moving into the video arena, now that I have my tripod for filming should be fun.


I need to get some bedroom furniture appropriate for an Apartment.


It’s one thing to have someone have the courage to love you, but a whole nother ball of wax for someone to adore you. Love and Adoration put so much pressure on the receiver. Will I ever really be worthy?


Please believe that I believe you are who you describe yourself to be and I pay attention to who you present before me.


I will never move from Atlanta as long as my girlies live here.


In my mind, I would like the teenager to attend Agnes Scott College – it just totally made me feel like this was the place for her during my visit. My pocket book has mentioned Evelyn and CoCo’s school of Earring Making (lol) The teenager says she’s decided to attend College on earth…………


I am feeling a bit creative – it’s time to get my hands into my scrapbooking


I really am skilled at what I do – really I am.


Summer television has me tied up most evenings – this is really some good stuff, yet I still miss NETWORK TV and the way it used to be.


I am paying my bills – it’s okay you can clap.


Vegas in December is going to be so fantastic – I can hardly wait!! I guess I’ll never get there when it’s warm, but the way this weather is going hell it might be like 70 degrees, lol lol


I really don’t think it’s too much to develop a web site to take folks through the Senior year of the teenager. There might be valuable information, all of the out of town folks can see what’s going on and we can ALL get her off to College. You have got to advertise your child, if you want the village to pitch in.


I am never disturbed by the fact I know all the words to Nasty Girls by Vanity Six


I am soo sorry about little Casey but um…….nevermind – carry on media.


I still live in a state of good and bad when it comes to strippers. I am amused and enthralled by the abundance of Dack – but it just makes me uncomfortable if it’s off the shiny gloss of a page or the screen.


My life went the way it went for a reason because if it hadn’t – somewhere within the pages of this life novel would be the words “recovering ho” SMDH


I have been to Savannah multiple times over the past few years, I always leave saying Ok I’m tired of Savannah and yet I am going to feel some kinda way if I don’t go this summer. Yea I’m gonna feel some kinda way.


I am so shot out to the left about the situation, especially that I can’t fix it. I need to vacate that room in my mind that it has settled in because ultimately I am doing something about listening.


And I’m STILL Amazed that You Know You Dead Azz Wrong is still thriving, but then again…I shouldn’t be.



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