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Drag Thursday


Well Good Morning and welcome to another smashing episode of Drag Thursday!! Let’s get right into it. Today I will be giving a wig review! Yep! I finally broke down and spent the money and bought me a quality lace front


Let me introduce you to LAUREN – she is a ‘natural’ textured lace front by the company Kalore. They are located in Canada. I wasn’t even leery because the site was secure and someone else had purchased from them with no problem. This is the most expensive wig I’ve ever bought and my first lace front.


The packaging she came in. It was sturdy and she was wrapped appropriately. It was nice to see packaging other than a heavy weight plastic bag. I am keeping her on my wig head.


 She came somewhat tightly packed when I took her out the box. I am loving the texture! Lauren is a synthetic fiber wig, but this bad boy is HIGH QUALITY!! However, I would not recommend straightening her, besides why would you. I got her in a 1B/30 and I have to say that I like the sparseness of the 30 color. I didn’t want it heavy or streaky, my own hair is a good mix of the color I got in November and I wanted that same effect.

Here she is flipped inside out to show you the netting etc. She has three combs, two at the temple and one in the back with an adjustable strap. As you can see the part area is about an inch and a half. I cut the lace all the way back and ended up after trying her on cutting away a bit of the ear flaps because it was irritating, especially with my glass or shade arms.




In prep for rocking Lauren, I washed and deep conditioned my own hair (I had some silver color in it from my Awesome 80s party and after running around like Storm, it was time to get it out) and then I corn rowed my hair to the back, I decided that if I was gonna rock this, I would be rocking it for awhile – so I might as well put my hair up. I left out all of my – wait for it – – – – BABY HAIR in the front for blending. Yea I know the braids are looking janky, but actually this is a good job for me. It works, when I’m not wearing the wig, I have a colorful scarf I put on as to not scare the family, lol lol


Before I put the wig on, I take a bit of Jane Carter’s Nourish and shine and moisturize the circumference of my head, paying attention to my temples, then I spray my head with my moisturizing sheen and put on my wig cap. In the evenings before bed, I redo this routine, want to keep my head moisturized, since it’s being covered quite a bit and it’s warm outside. NOTE: See that mark on the back of my neck – old curling iron injury……


I adjusted all the straps etc. and put Lauren on and let me tell you Angel’s started to sing!!!! This was the look I have been wanting!! Damn! I should have gotten this from the freaking beginning! It is sitting tall up on my head. No combs or brushes needed!! It fit snugly and it’s big but not to big. I just started working her with my fingers and then got out what I thought would make her that much better.


The products I have used so far in her styling. Water, a bit of my wig friendly sheen and a spritz of my Jane Carter Leave in Conditioner.


She is styled with a side part and longer pieces of hair in the front to the side. I did cut those hairs down so that I can wear her back off my face as well as in the natural part. I like the tendrils coming down in my face.


I have been rocking Lauren since Monday, debuting her at my job. She’s light weight and in this early summer heat wave, I haven’t had any issues with wanting to snatch her off. There is sufficient ventilation. the other day I even wore her to an outdoor concert where the temperature was varying degrees of HELL!! Though I haven’t been really experimenting with accessories, I have placed a flower in her. My hair has blended well in the front, no real concerns there. Again I love her.



Finally, here is the sista that inspired me to get the wig – she was rocking it for awhile and her review is great! You might want to book mark her you tube channel, because she posts quite often about wigs, make up and now extreme couponing. She also has great contest and giveaways.



Well it’s that time again – I hope you enjoyed this review and the pictures and the video. Sashay Away!!



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