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Drive Home Musing.

Going over my face at the stop light on the way home, I looked long and hard. The discovery caused me to sing out. My forehead which had the beginnings of tell tell frown lines presented itself quite smooth. Alas what is this I see!? SMILE LINES! I have developed smile lines. I almost feel like bursting out in tears. I intend to make them deeper and more developed as I live my life.

However, exactly why am I getting chin and lower jaw acne. Need to clean phones and stop holding my face while I’m concentrating

When your child gets an a-ha moment, an angel gets it’s wings lol

If you look in the mirror and from the back your knees are making shapes, the letter K or any of that a simple lowering of your hem line will work wonders #I’mjustsaying.

I’ve gotten on my own nerves about the subject. Honey it ain’t your life, let it go

Not sure why it irritated me so much today, I just get tired of going in a circle and her ability to have me shrink under the glare. I’m not even annoyed at her it’s true to form I’m mad at me cause I’m suppose to be a newer form.

The thing about keeping up with what folks say is that they have the right to say something else and you become obsessed with the fact they did.

Time to be quiet, just do me.

Yes I would and do stop when he puts his foot down.

There Are instances when 13 inches is just not enough.

I really am going to not have much regret about the second half of my life. Believe that.

I was absolutely blown away by the over 60 bday wishes yet slightly devastated by the one I didn’t

I’m concerned I don’t feel any kinda way about not traveling up that highway.

I still feel…….death…..and I am terrified.


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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