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Drag Thursday


Face Face Face Give Me Face Give Me Face!!


Welcome to another Drag Thursday Blog Entry!! I hope the summer is treating you, your skin, your hair, your fashion well!! Let’s get right into it. This past Saturday, my girls and I had what we are terming our ‘signature’ event. Our Drag Party. During the first season of Rupaul’s Drag Race, we decided we just had to be apart of that, so we have a party to watch the finale and showcase how we can get our drag on.


This year’s theme was Drag Me to the Altar (or Drag me down the aisle). Wedding attire anyone? I was most excited about show casing how far I’ve come in my make up game. How steady my hands have become and just try doing something extra.


I loved it!! Here is a picture of the products used to get this look. My ode to the Disco Bride!!



Here we all are with our Groom for the evening! A good time was had by everyone. Next years theme: Look What the Cat Dragged In!!


Here is a growth check. Coming along nicely. Look how even that afro is – I’m giving much Afro Sheen Realness with this, lol This was right before I moisturized with Jane Carters Leave In Conditioner Spray and recoiled using Gel. The next day a bit of Nourish and Shine in my hands where I cracked the coils and arranged them all over my head.


My next hair purchase will be some Jane Carter hair nourishing cream but that $22 is hurting my soul!! I can see how this could last a while though so it will be worth the investment. The nourish and shine can be a bit building and I don’t need that level of moisturizing all the time – that’s where the cream comes in.


I’ve decided to do a series of videos because I really want to make some of the make up stuff I have three dimensional. I want to show you my favorites and do some product reviews. So stay tuned for that – I won’t even go into any make up on this post and I have like three weeks worth of haul to show you including a wonderful basket of make up given to me for my birthday!! I’m going to prop the ole HD Iphone up and get to recording!! If they happen to spill off into other days – oh well, lol lol


Anyhoo – I hope you are still loving my little attempt at staying half way fly. I turn 45 on Saturday and I feel like it’s now more important than ever to maintain a look about myself. I’ve gone from being able to pull it off maybe 2 days a week to a solid 5 out of 7,lol lol Yay me!!


Ya’ll be easy! Now Sashay Away!



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One response to “Drag Thursday

  1. Nisey

    You ladies were rocking your bridal wear… And those rainbow eyelashes…..out of this world.

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