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Wednesday Wonderings

I guess it won’t be right unless I start cleaning Friday Morning!!

I was doing too much. My dream party for this year is happening – so why do a part 2.

Because I KNOW that turning 40 changed me, I can’t discount that it can begin change in others.  I’m open for change and this proves it.  Honey it’s gotten old.

I gave up the assisted walking device years ago – I might not be walking in your direction, be happy that I can walk.

If only I could just tell him that I’m ok, I’m doing fine and I’m really the grown woman he wanted me to be.

The need to live is always boiling down to that versus eating for me…sigh

I think a neon eye decoration would be spectacular.

Um sir, cell phones have been out long enough for them now to be giving us cancer – your excitement in showing off you have one, coupled with the fact you are about 100 is a FAIL.

Speaking of, before cell phones I enjoyed the notion that humans spoke in private, now that we are all speaking loudly in public – I want us to collectively shut up!!

I really am a believer that sometimes people can only carve out a piece of them that is sane then it becomes difficult because they then have to try to cram so much into such a small space.  Work on free your whole self from insanity.

Never have your birthday be on a collision course with your menstrual cycle, nothing but feelings, tears and instability.

Before I die I want to be in a big electric slide dancing to “Candy” at a wedding.

One day I’m going to pose for Derek Blanks – I need him to bring out the fierceness in me.

I really love sisters in the summer!  They present all that is wonderful about the sun and how the sun is our gift from God.  Add In that so many of us have embraced a natural hair I am really in love!!

I have to learn how to be free within confines because I need them in my life.  My freedom needs to be in a big circle, lol

I feel stifled sometimes by the restraints society places on expressing love – especially when it comes to a mate.  I want to just write a manifesto on how I feel about this man – try to figure it out because it has stumped me in the best of ways.

I need to bring my expectations down a notch about Friday cause it will be either to the right of wild or only so in my head which will give me a headache.

I should have done more finishing of my costume last week. I wasn’t all the way happy, but I rocked it anyway.

I saw some women wearing a hat to work – I need to rock one.

Single Ladies was not the worse show featuring African American’s I’ve ever seen on TV.  I’m not really understanding what we were expecting.  It was not that bad to me.  It was better than that show that comes on after The Game and God knows it was better than Who’s that Girl.  I don’t know, however, why they have labeled it a comedy.

I think I need to start working on my relationship with God.  I’m taking my responsibility to Him a bit loosely lately.  I just haven’t figured out exactly what outfit I need to be in when I approach him –

I also think I should begin to dig through the crates and address some fear.  It’s time for me to DO SOMETHING!  I am feeling it.

Not really concerned about any side-eyes I received for choices I make.  My eyes can go to the left and right sharply as well and they have.

I need a dressing room…badly.

We need another spy kids because……….

Every time I see Judy Moody, I think of Baby Chocolate Pound Cake…SIGH

Is there anything wrong with re-reading books you read as a child?

Don’t think this weather is just……random.

I wish everyday when we got up – we could spin a globe and do our daily life in whatever location it stops on.  I like my life – just sometimes want some different scenario.

I should write a letter to myself for my birthday.

I sometimes giggle when I see someone with a flip phone and not a data plan type phone.

Why does watermelon give me gas?

Really?  I mean Really?!

There are no other tears like the ones you cry out of love for your child.

I have enough clothes to supply a woman with plenty!  I really need to get to the goodwill.

I bought bedroom furniture for a huge house – I need to give it up and get some smaller furniture cause this is starting to make me feel crowded.

I guess I just think it’s all gonna work out and I believe that and so shall it be.

Funny I’m extra for me but this upcoming year – I’m about to go in on behalf of my child!

We are officially 6 months into 2011 – Wow!



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One response to “Wednesday Wonderings

  1. Nisey

    “I feel stifled sometimes by the restraints society places on expressing love – especially when it comes to a mate. I want to just write a manifesto on how I feel about this man – try to figure it out because it has stumped me in the best of ways.”

    Gurl, do you! Write that manifesto about your man. Forget what society says. Do you, not it.

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