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Drag Thursday


Sashay Shante’ Shante’ Shante’ Shante’ Well Good Morning and welcome to another Dragalicious edition of Drag Thursday!! let’s get right into it. Summer is on the horizon and with it comes all kinds of new challenges for beauty mavens. From skin care, make up, hair, wardrobe it all needs to be looked at and tweaked.


The first time I went natural it was over the summer and though I can’t remember a lot about that time in terms of my hair, I do know it was basically a wash and go type thing with some gel (YIKES) this time around though I am in touch with my hair and so I’m really looked at what it’s doing and how it is adjusting and working in this Georgia heat. We’ve had enough days and enough humidity for a sneak peek at the drama and I’m happy to say that as of NOW (because it’s not the end of July when the city is just a big old ball of hell), I see myself more than ever rocking my own hair for the most part, lol lol


I’m on day 8 of a coil out and day 11 of the entire coil hair style. Here are some pictures of texture and growth this morning.



The most exciting discovery I’ve made this week is that HUMIDITY IS KEEPING MY HAIR FAB!! I NEVER thought I’d say no mess like that. My hair has shrunk up close to my head and that just enhances the texture of the coils!! My process has been to just run some Jane Carter Nourish and Shine through it morning and night and that’s it. Just letting it fly. I also will spray some sheen in it in the mornings. I’ve been noticing that folks who leave their head alone just have a happier head. I also have crowned coils as my go to look – it just works with my hair.


Here’s something else that I’ve experienced since we last talked: the sheer eroticism of my head of hair. RG was sitting next to me and using the pads of his fingers just began going though my head, OMG! the sensations that coursed through my body!! He made love to my follicles with his ole nasty self and I’ll just leave it at that, lol


I want to also take a moment to say really figure out what works for you. A prime example is that a lot and I mean a lot of sistas treat water like the end all be all. All I hear is about is how they spritz and spray and coat water on their heads at all time. WATER IS THE ENEMY OF ANYTHING I HAVE GOING ON CONCERNING MY HAIR!!!! I don’t need to ‘soften’ my hair. It’s too soft wet. I work best with dry hair or just about dry hair. I don’t ever put water on my hair unless I’m washing or co-washing it. Otherwise NO MAM!! So for ME, that ain’t working, but have the blogs tell it, if you are not wetting your hair it’s dry, under moisturized and you are not rocking it. OKAY….


I have to say I’m enjoying my hair!! I am narrowing down what works for me, what looks good on me and what type of care works best. It has kinda taken some of the sails out of the process and I’ve begun to not be so interested in the day to day of the Natural Hair Care World. That means I’ve also narrowed down what blogs, websites and FB/Twitter pages I am visiting and keeping up with. There’s a lot of overload and repetition right about now and I suppose a lot of you are getting tired of talking about your hair. The funny thing about my relaxed/weaved sisters etc. is that they can focus on some things that natural girls can’t like fly cuts, colors, etc. They don’t spend a lot of time on why sulfates are ruining your head, lol lol Or 100 ways to do a twist, lol Folks might be surprised to know that the bulk of my beauty blogs and 985 of my you tube following is for relaxed hair, wigs and weaves. It gives me so much life, watching sisters just rock it. In the natural space I’m more interested in sisters who have come to their fullest potential already (full blown out heads of hair) and just looking at pictures and styles.


Speaking of, Ok that wig has been screaming my name!! The only person I know to have one has been rocking it again and now that it’s old I’m loving it even more – so tomorrow morning I will be purchasing it and I’ve planned my entire birthday look around that hair, lol I wish I could say that’s it but it’s not. I need a piece of hair for a wedding I’m in (I think) and I saw this great bushy pony tail I wanted to get THEN I’m done with summer hair – I SWEAR!! LOL LOL


I totally forgot to take pictures of my haul!! I will post them next Thursday I promise. It consists of the NYX Eye Shadows and I am loving a couple of them. The bright colors I’m still experimenting with in terms of them being quite powdery. I decided to use a damp brush this morning and that kept them in place. I think, no I know I am on the hunt for the NYX Pencils – I believe they will give a newbie (cause as long as I dont’ know how to apply liquid eyeliner straight, don’t wear blush and cant’ do eye lashes I’m a newbie, lol) the control I need.


My biggest ‘to do’ list item is to up the quality of my powder brushes. I have a really good big one but I need like three medium ones that don’t shed. My Sephora one surprisingly sheds the most (maybe cause it’s old) and my ELF is ok but I’ve been ‘touching’ other kinds in the store and I see now that I need to upgrade. That is on my shopping list for this weekend.


As the summer approaches, and the sun is beaming down in my oven of a car (the bronze Camry is a hot box!!) I am starting to tan a bit in my face!! All this week my foundation/powder of choice has been my Milani. It is giving me life and the necessary touch of color I wanted. I already figure these will be my go to. If it’s super hot I’ll just do a powder layer.


Well that’s about it. I want to leave you with the announcement that Saturday my besties and I are having our signature friendship event. Our Yearly Drag Party!! This year the theme is “Drag Me To The Altar” We are the brides and will have a great time with our guests the ‘Brides Maids’ watching the season finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race and modeling our gowns and what not. There will probably be a special additional Drag entry coming up on Monday to celebrate this good time!!



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  1. I don’t read a lot of natural hair blogs because sometimes they go too far with how to take care of your natural hair. Some naturals have a 10 step process just to wash their hair. LOL Like you said, learn what works for you. All of our heads are different.

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