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Sun Stroke Musings

PSA right off the bat. Sir the cell phone has been out for a number of years now and in fact, most folks have them SO YOU ACTING LIKE YOU THE SHIT CAUSE YOU GOT ONE is an EPIC FAIL.

Schools out and I am now the proud mother of a Senior. I think I’ll do a blog page just for her journey to graduation (shamless plug)

I had soo much in my head like um…Friday, lol lol I knew I should have wrote this in draft form then. Now we on Wednesday and the randomness is that it’s Wednesday, lol

I really wish I could tell you exactly what it is about RG and I that just make the thing click on the level that it does. It’s just that kinda situation. I can’t describe it. If I had to pick a word it’s free. We just free and don’t place but the bare minimum of restriction on each other. We actually don’t mean to be all on the facebook acting buck, we’ve discussed this and the fact that we really don’t see anyone else acting like that and we know plenty of happy couples, but that’s who we are and we refuse to stop it. I just want to make sure we don’t turn into the Oz. We want to pull the curtain back and it not be smoke and mirrors if it’s not coming naturally then we are not trying to fake it. It’s kinda scary that this is realness on a level I never ever imagined.

I need to make a list of some places I really want to go. I have this burning desire to travel and I need to make that come true.

One of my friends in my head (fellow blogger) took a girls trip to Vegas and I am ENVIOUS!! She rocked it out!! Looks like they had fun. I got married in Vegas and my intention was to go back next year to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and renew our vows at the same Chapel. Yet with the teenager graduating and what not, I don’t know. I feel like I need a mini-vegas-do over because I really didn’t hang with my besties while I was there. So much going on. I didn’t hit one club with them. Damn Wedding!! Yea I MUST GO BACK!!

This week is show yourself in a swim suit week. A chance to help those who have swimsuit issues get confidant before Memorial Day. I might bust one out before Monday who knows? I actually don’t have swim suit issues (surpisingly). The only one I have is that my suit is just way to big and my vay jay jay hangs out ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL. I need to get me a new one, lol so sad.

In the world of the MWC (Married Women’s Club – membership…..3) we have a signature event. We are approaching our 3rd annual Drag Show. This year the theme is “Drag Me To The Altar” Why do we do this? Cause we can, lol and we so enjoy dressing and costuming out. One day hopefully RuPaul the Grand Dame herself will acknowledge us in some sorta way. My outfit is together in my head and 1/2 together in my closet. We are the brides and the guest are the brides maids and we have a GROOM and will be taking formal wedding pictures for our files. Saturday is the day so you might wanna check in with Facebook to catch all the shenanigans.

I actually am not fretting that it’s been several days. That really says something because when I went through this with someone else, I can admit, I died a slow death.

I’m batting 1000 with the on line off line transition – I need to leave everything like it is, in the space where it all belongs. Some folks can live with a mumbo jumbo of connections. I tend to like to keep all my stuff separated.

Yea I’m having TWO parties to celebrate me turning 45!!

That hair started calling me like two days ago and I’m going to have to go ahead and answer that. Can’t help it. Then I am one possibly two pieces away from hair euphoria.

Maybe I will start advertising and pushing this blog again so someone can read it. Personal blogs are hard but I think if I knew it was on the circuit I might write more – ok ya’ll know I’m lying, lol lol

I know I’ve said this 100 times before but this is the summer of my…….book. Yea I feel like this whole turning 45 thing is inspiring me. Why not? 40 sure as hell did.

I’m noticing this ‘tone’ that is concerning me. The tone of hermit/hoarder. I need to investigate this more.

MY FB feed is full now more of folks who are like professional in nature as opposed to my personal folks giving me life. Where they at? Is Facebook…..YIKES OH LAWD NO!….Over?

Another thing, are we still on the whole ‘privacy’ thing? I know some folks who can successfully leave out whole chunks of their lives – I tend to see black people tripping more on ‘letting folks into their business’ and ‘upset cause someone said they were going to the store and that we don’t care’ than anyone else. We some of the most conspiracy laden folks ever, lol lol Gotta love us. I can’t even imagine like coming someplace every day and not EVER mentioning I’m in love or things about my family etc. The only thing I put in this category is being real careful about speaking about your work. Otherwise outside of ok financial things – exactly what part of life am I so protective of and exactly what is someone going to do with that information but either admire, envy or hate on?

I swear I have a hair line fracture or something for like 3 years now on my right foot/leg. I need to go to the Dr. but point blank I won’t go because I will NOT wear that whole foot thingy and I have a feeling that’s what it’s gonna take but I need to get this worked out.

And we have lift off on an idea I had on the way to work this morning. I did a test run – it ran fine so now the fun part begins.

It’s a damn shame I would have to take a week to clean up to make the place respectable for a maid to come in and clean. It’s not dirty just junky. We just don’t have enough room and when you are a creative family – you need room.

I know RG giving me sneak side eyes cause he hasn’t seen me scrapbook shit for like 3 months now. Well I am about to get started again. I have three projects on the horizon. I think because of the clutter in my designated work area, I just haven’t been inspired. I need to get my pictures organized and get to scrapping!!

Now that I know that stress is a KILLING factor in my family, it gives me more resolve to control it. I have struggled with it and it has taken years away from my life as it is. I will not let that take me out the game. I will not.

Prayers for my Brother Prayers for my Brother

Well since all my good stuff erased itself – I’mma go. Drag Thursday tomorrow with a special edition probably Sunday to cover the Drag Show. lata!


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One response to “Sun Stroke Musings

  1. Monica C.

    Girl, Facebook is dry as hell. It’s like going to Colin Powell’s house for dinner. Now Twitter is where I can be more free (b/c I’m “anonymous,” LOL). Even there, I have to admit that I hold back (as I do on my blog). Here’s one issue – I’m kind of a multifaceted person. I love the Lord and love Jesus – but I also curse. Quite a bit, LOL. I’m a runner and fitness enthusiast, but I also used to drink and smoke and still love to sneak a cig on vacation. I’ve got 2 advanced degrees, work as a lawyer and earn a decent living, but I can be as ghetto fabulous as the next person.

    Those who truly know me know all of this about me, and they can watch me change from minute to minute and know that none of it is fake – ALL of these personalities ARE TRULY ME, LOL – but in the blogosphere, I just think of various peoples’ reactions to different things and I’m like, ok, I’d better stick to keeping a running log online and that’s it! LOL!!

    But that’s why I love your blog b/c you have always been so real. I may not be real online but in real life, I’m as real as they come, so I appreciate ‘ya!!

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