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Drag Thursday

I stepped into the elevator this evening and looked around. There were 5 of us. Me and my coils, a sista and her relaxer, a sista and her weave, a sista and her blonde caesar, and a sista and her braids. Looking around it dawned on me why we are envied and why we are so damn fly. I felt like wanting to wrap a piece of cloth around us and take a picture of our diversity.

Good evening and welcome to an evening edition of Drag Thursday! Lets jump right in and begin with how I’m feeling about my HAIR! I am feeling it baby. I did some coils using the products here


Let me speak in the Eco gel. LOVES IT! It’s not overly sticky or anything. I choose the one with olive oil. This also was the first time I used a complete Jane Carter process. That totally went smoothly. I did a co wash and deep conditioner with just then conditioner and then sprayed the leave in and with a water bottle I set to finger coiling.

I decided to go extra for my esteem and Monday-Wednesday I wore the coils. That was an adventure lol. It was me doing full frontal. It made my face just jump out and it made folks notice. I wondered to (and don’t act like you don’t) how far you can go at your place of employment. When my big big boss made a point to say he was digging my hair along with, I know 5 other folks, the sails went out the whole thing and I moved onto my next style the coil out now is when I get crunk lol.

My hair is so textured and so soft. I feel totally hydrated. If I am diligent with my scarf, I can rock this well into next week if not longer. Let’s roll that beautiful texture footage.



I can see when my hair gets longer this will just continue to get fly. I do have shrinkage but I feel like my hair is resting because all I do is a bit of nourish and shine and go. Not a lot of manipulation at all

On the make up front, I have an online haul in the mail of NYX eye shadows. FINALLY I will have a yellow. Can’t wait to make these colors work. I will be swatching next week

Well I am gonna end this. It’s all going well: hair, makeup and fashion. I am about to do a series of costumes and need a birthday dress. I’m thinking about purple, it seems I get a lot of compliments and that color is great on me.

Next week will probably be new products and the pulling together of a drag wedding ensemble.


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