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Turn Up My Overcoat Ramblings


So today suddenly began the month of October weather wise! Brrrrrr – I had to pull out some long pants and a long sleeve shirt. I was, as usual, in a hurry so I wasn’t really paying attention to the length of my pants. I did take a short giggle at the fact I was looking like Mike with my loafers and mid calf pants on. I’m standing at the train station and the wind whipping around my ankles brought my pants back into my memory and the fact that I had initially bought these pants for the teenager, the ones I talked about earlier that were a size 12. Well those pants were LONG because the teenager can’t wear capri pants. Then it hit me – THE PANTS LENGTH HAD CHANGED!! I HAD SHRUNK THESE DAMN PANTS!!! The size didn’t change but the length shrunk. ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL I have been hollaring at that mess all morning!! I did wash these and apparently I wasn’t suppose to. Man I’m just glad these didn’t belong to Reggie – I would never hear the end of this.


In 4 days my child will officially be a Senior in High School. Wow! it’s not that I am going through something about that or that she’s growing up per say. That’s what happens, I think it’s more the realization that I have actually been responsible for and kept alive a human to be able to place them out in the world. Maybe it’s just me or an only child type thing or a single mom thing (seeing as the majority of her life I was just that) but you go over those times and you identify with that love from the time you find out you’re pregnant to this morning when she yelled Mom I’m Gone. These are important times, times where I have to divulge some difficult things eventually and where I want to begin to develop the relationship where she will one day be on Facebook speaking about how close she and her mom is. I don’t want to lose her or repeat the relationship I have with my mom. That was soo many years wasted to get to this point and then I still long for something in the relationship. Maybe we have ship but no relating, lol lol I want the relating part with her. So I feel all kinds of ways about this being her last year of HS. From fear about the future, my ability to facilitate it financially, to how the world is going to treat her when I’m not there to fight on her behalf. Just a lot going on in my mind.


Another Love I have been so blessed to have is the love of and for my besties. It really just comes to me in waves. Iike any other relationships, I’ve had my share and I’ve been hurt (and hurt) some folks during the process. Everything that can happen to you in a relationship that involves love can happen to you in a relationship that involves friendship (including love) and just like everything else there are some Ex’s that I have remained in contact with and some that I don’t really see that happening. My outer circle is full and robust, but I have been quite protective of my inner circle. Well as God has blessed me with a man tailor made for me, he threw in some besties as well. I love them and they love me. We groove with one another and it just works. Ya’ll know I get emotional these days and I get that way a lot about them. They just do it for me!!! I am SOOO Blessed!!


Every time I walk in the break room the fellas are in there looking at sports. Um, can I get some Family feud time please?!


I’m glad that RG sees his investment in the ipad was not for naught. I am on that thing every day!! It has replaced the lap top and phone for night time surfing and social networking just like I wanted it to. My eyesight is being saved big time. At times though I do use all of my electronics in some kinda mega bandwidth application, lol lol You do still need the lap top to sync up all your stuff as well as certain things like advance editing of pictures and any videos I might wanna make since I have a generation 1 ipad. I use my phone as my camera and upload of pictures to FB since (once again) I have a first generation ipad. Otherwise I’ve been using my ipad. I LOVE IT!! It’s not full. I have about 6.7 g’s left of space. I have all of my MJ videos and about four movies, no music, about 70 pictures and I have to check on how many apps I have so far. I have really been looking at TV and what not on there as well. Reading is a pleasure through the Kindle app. I have two books currently I need to dig into and it makes it so easy. Now I do find that it is a bit heavy – not like a lap top but it has weight. I also find the current case to be obnoxious (I have ordered me another more stylish case). I want to get my MJ Skin to cover the back – but I need to keep it in the case so nobody would ever really see the skin. I guess I’ll just put some stickers on the case high school style, lol lol


The Drag Party is right around the corner!! I have all of my idea in my head but no pieces of it in my possession. It seems as if this year won’t be so much tailoring if I can find the right stuff. It’s more about a look. I can’t wait!! I can’t wait to show all you all. One day Rupaul will give us a shout out!!


I’m prepped for the arrival of Jesus next week as Oprah comes to a close.


I feel some sorta way when ‘thicker’ girls suddenly lose weight and have this new ‘insight’ on the whole thing – Raven….


Getting several compliments on my hair today. This is huge for me to come out the house with little ‘worms’ basically on my head, lol lol Funny how your perception can change of…..yourself.


I’ve started wearing and liking thongs – I tell yah this whole mid-forties thing is turning me on!!


I had to take some things back to year one recently to make sure RG knew I still got it. He testifies that yea – I do, lol


On and off I have been having dreams about defecation. I had to look that up in the dream book and it is what it is about – it’s about releasing and getting rid of the shit, lol lol how literal is that. I didn’t think I had anything currently backed up but the dreams have been funny more than gross and I feel lighter, so what ever it is…thanks!!


I need to go see the foot doctor. It seems as if for the past two summers (yea I know) I have had mad issues with my right foot. If I wear flats for too long it feels like that foot turns over on itself. Then I can sometimes actually feel some burning like a tendon snapped or something!! One time – at Universal Studios – I even had blood accumulation as if something had really hurt. I limped that whole damn trip and I still haven’t checked it out because I don’t want to have to wear that boot or something worse. I already have mourned the loss of all the really cute shoes. Yet I need to go.


Most of the things I use on a daily basis require the pads of my fingers. As nails grow it becomes cumbersome to work effectively and now add in use my iphone and ipad effectively so I will be clipping my nails down to a more workable length as well as to disguise that messed up thumb nail. I cut them all down and it helps with my electronics AND these new contacts


Tomorrow will be a whole blog on the contact thing. They are….different.


I was on a two week mental vacation and now I’m back and as is with vacation – my desk is full of stuff that has piled up while I was ‘out’ Damn!!


I really need to get away with RG this summer. Now that the MWC/wh has switched to Charleston, I’ll be planning us another quick jaunt to Savannah. He’s been asking and I need to get him there so I can partake of whatever Savannah makes him feel like, lol lol


I see two college trips in our future before the year is out.


I see some kinda MAJOR financial blessing for this child at a great school.


If I unleashed all of my worry on the world it would look like a scene from 2012, sometimes I wonder how I keep all that under wraps. Thus the shitting dreams probably, lol lol


TV Sucks right about now!!


I could live off soup, stews and stoups…..and probably would like to.


Sometimes it amazes me how we can make A-Z so difficult.


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3 responses to “Turn Up My Overcoat Ramblings

  1. Monica C.

    You are blessed to have your besties. I have been thinking a lot lately about how I don’t have a BFF. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of acquaintances, I have a few good friends, and I do have a gay male friend who has been my BFF for 20 years – it’s just that the friendship has devolved in many ways, so that leaves me BFF-less for now. Oh well, it just be’s that way sometime!

    Not the dookie dreams! Do you think you are grunting in your sleep? ROFL!

    My husband was talking about getting me an Ipad (I got him one for Christmas) but somehow I ended up with a Nook, come Mother’s Day. Oh well, I haven’t even had time to set the thing up and it would probably be the same with an Ipad!

  2. leogoddess ⋅

    3 consequetive dreams about a white guy who gets me. Guess i should look it up? Lol i have a dream lova. Went to the MJ tribute yesterday u were on my mind. I totally relate with u regarding the teen thing she and I both want it to be different and stay that way than i am with my mom. Good post!

  3. NikkiFree ⋅

    LOL! The dream thing.
    I see the teenager getting a nice scholly somewhere as well. She’s very bright.

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