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Drag Thursdays

Welcome to another fantastic edition of Drag Thursday!  Let’s Set It Off!!  Let’s begin with my head.  I am at a critical point in it’s growth right now and I have to stay focused and push through.  If I were relaxed this would be the stage where I was growing out a short cut and my hair comes to like my chin.  You can’t do anything with that length of hair.  I am also starting to see the emergence of ‘summer’ hair texture.  Interestingly enough it’s not so bad.  I like the fact that visually it’s looking quite dense but if you touch it, that’s not the case.

Here is a shot of my hair fresh from the bed and satin scarf after I run my fingers through it. 

I have finally gotten my Jane Carter together and so this is all that I am currently using in my hair. What I can say about Jane, I had NO SHRINKAGE.  Now I have only used all her products once so I will report back on that revelation, but I have to say that there is something to using an entire line of someone’s product and not mixing and matching.  I think I will be on this for awhile. I do want to maybe add an additional oil, but the spray leave in conditioner is the BOMB!!  So who knows.

The main event of this post is all about Putting the BASE in Your FACE!!  Like any good solid structure, what you begin to build it with makes a world of difference.  I wore a completely naked face for many many years.  All it needed was a bit of mascara and some lip gloss, but as I’ve gotten into this make up thing more and more – I feel naked without some sorta foundation/powder on my face. I feel like any other make up I put on is just random if I don’t start with building up a nice canvas for it to work on.  A lot of us girls of color shy away from foundations etc. because we tend to run oily. I totally understand.  I actually was amazed when my bestie, whose face always looks flawless, told me she doesn’t use foundation she uses powder. So a good look can be achieved by just powder ladies.  No need to go around looking like your face is melting 🙂

Well I have dug into my stash and pulled out everything I use (not all at once) to get my canvas right.  I also included the brushes I use to accomplish this as well.

First Up – PRIMERS

Their aim is to prepare the skin for makeup application, they pamper the skin and create a protective base for longer lasting natural looking foundation application and wear.

I own Three:  Iman, Avon Magix and Avon Magix w/color.  I apply these with my fingers all over my face.  Iman’s primer is a liquid and Avon’s are a cream to powder.


A flesh-toned cosmetic stick used to cover facial blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.

I currently have three in house but am only using two of them. I started out with some LA Colors and then I moved to my MAC and my bestie gave me some Mark by Avon for Mothers Day.  I like the way the Mark has a pencil so I can just draw it under my eyes.  However, I use my MAC everyday.  I used to think that because I wore glasses it really didn’t matter if I did under my eyes, but at the MAC counter one day she told me it would brighten up my eyes behind my glasses – so now I use it (but not every day).  I mostly use it on three acne spots I have on my face and sometimes on my jaw line. I also put it on after I put on my foundation (creams and liquids) and before for powders.  

I have two brushes that I use. one from Avon and one from ELF


A cosmetic, as a cream or liquid, used as a base for facial makeup. …

Starting with the Milani (clockwise) Iman Stick Foundation, Avon Mineral Make Up, Cover Girl Queen Collection and Avon Perfect Wear. I use all of these!!  Currently I have been wearing the Milani Mousse all week because it has a really nice tint to it as if the sun is kissing my face.  My bestie gave me the Queen Collection and LOVE IT!!  It is so creamy and gives me the best coverage ever. Avon’s perfect wear is fabulous as well. Last week I talked about the Avon Mineral and how I must have bought it in the winter, lol I’m not currently using it.  The only foundation I am missing in my opinion is a MAC and that’s just because you can’t say you are wearing make up and not have any MAC foundation in your collection, lol  Therefore it can wait for now.  When I do get a MAC I do want cream to power – that’s the only composition I am missing. 

The brushes I use are ELF and my one lone Sephora brush. I have about 4 ELF brushes that I rotate so I can keep them clean (I will do a post on cleaning your brushes). 


 What it does:  Sets the foundation and slightly mattifies skin without changing its natural contours. This 100% mineral silica powder softens the appearance of imperfections. Completely evens out the complexion for a glowing, radiant look.

I basically use two as my main powders and one of those I use as a ‘foundation’.  My Iman is my go to finishing powder and my Milani is my dual action powder.  I will use this without additional foundation as a base and apply my Iman on top as a finishing.  The Avon translucent is also a good shine reducer. It’s a mineral.  Use sparingly on faces of color.  The minerals I have are Avon’s first go round and I believe their formula has gotten better.  I might need to try some of their newer ones.

Ahh my powder brush collection, lol  I use all of these whatever I grab in the morning, lol  The huge fluffyone though I tend to only use with my IMAN. 


Bronzer Powder is a fast and easy way to put a healthy looking finish to skin. The smooth and silky matte texture gives your complexion the warmth

I currently have two of these in my arsenal and really haven’t tried them outside the house. The one by Iman seems to be way to orange for me. The one by Nicki is ok. I saw one at Marshalls that I wanted to get where the colors just spoke to me, lol  I might pick that up if it’s still available.

So there you have it – how I build up my face on a day to day basis.  As you can see, I really don’t need anything else – but then again who does, lol lol

As the hotter weather approaches, I probably will be using my creams less and lean more on my powders.  Seeing as I work inside, I think I can rock my creams a bit longer. On the weekends I know I’ll be using my powders and in the evenings once I get home and refresh – I will be doing that with a powder over whatever might be left of the creams. 

FINALLY – I just have some musings that I jotted down about the whole Beauty/Hair/Make up thang.  Ya’ll be easy and see yah next week.


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