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Codes and Riddles Rambling


Hmmm – I love my nails, BUT all of this swipe and touch technology is being affected. I think I’m going to cut them down, especially since I broke my freaking thumb nail!!


I am a bit frustrated with the fact that a lot of my clothes are just not fitting well. Especially my tops which is even harder to imagine because usually I am not the one to lose weight in that area. The first to go on me is the hips and what not, lol So I put a shirt on this morning and it looked like a tent and I like this shirt. I’m going to have to invest in some new ones.


I really wish that there wasn’t such a social stigma attached to declaring how great you are etc, lol lol I have these totally Dominic Deveurx (Dianne Carroll from Dynasty) moments where I just discuss with myself how I need to just be smacking folks with my swagger, lol lol lol


This year Mothers Day has set off a series of some of the best times ever coming up over the horizon!! I am blessed and I am grateful.


The wig I rocked on Mothers Day was just a good look. Glad I made it, but I’m still looking for this particular kinda hair. I can’t remember where I saw it dammit!


Can you really be true to yourself when you move forward on an imaginary platform that you had to build in order to not have to look at the real rotton floor boards underneath?


I feel totally some kinda way about tricking myself out. I won’t do that again.


I see the chess pieces of life have been making moves and the board is slowly shifting as well. I am going to make sure I remain open and really look at the strategy so that when it’s my turn, I make the right move on the board. Sometimes it’s not about winning but being strategic to keep the game going.


I really wish I could articulate exactly where I am with this love thang and how I feel about loving this man. I want to really just go hop in a fountain downtown butt ass naked and just expound on this feeling BUT it seems as if when you happy the order of the day is to keep it on the quiet because folks be setting up shop to rain on your parade, start parties full of cups of E&J and just make it unpleasant for you. Why do we live in a world where happiness is not celebrated? Especially among us?


I see college has tripped up my shadow but I’m one step ahead of that bitch. I will get this child to school by any means necessary.


I feel a period of silence on the horizon. – not really sure what it’s about but it seems as if I might have real topics on my mind, lol lol who would have thunk (yea I said thunk) that I might start thinking in long complete thoughts. It’s been awhile, lol lol


I guess having identified and acknowledged the character flaw puts me ahead of the game. Know it, believe it and keep it in front of you as you move forward.

RG has offered up some profound insight lately that has really been an eye opener.


I wish Michael Jackson were alive – I need to tell him something……..


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