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Drag Thursday


Well Well Well! Welcome to the most fun I’ve had writing in awhile. Drag Thursday, where you peep into my in and outs trying to be cute!! I have a lot to show ya’ll so let’s get to it. Starting off with my head. Well actually, there is nothing to report here, lol I took careful time to make sure it was looking right for the Natural Hair Show (CHECK OUT THE POST ABOUT THAT HERE) and so I deep conditioned, two strand twisted with some Jane Carter and it was looking good!! I’m still rocking that style but it has moved into this whole free style kinky coily just got outta bed look and I LOVE IT!! I am not tying it down (yea yea I’m sleeping bareback right now – gotta give the scarf a break for RG) I happen to have plopped a flower in it this morning so it’s looking floral, lol Plans for it for Mothers Day weekend…A Wig, lol lol

At the Natural Hair show I decided to get my brows done and thinned out for the summer. I tell you I really need to be prepared to make the trek to the hood to get my brows done by a sista. I prefer above all else the razor method and I’m not trusting no Asians with no razors round my face, lol I am going to get me a razor and keep them touched up as long as I can. I took a couple of pictures so that I can show it to the next person so they can be duplicated.( excuse the hair I had just taken my scarf off)  When I first got them done – she did the whole coloring them in and what not with the pencil and shaping with the concealor. It was ok, but just not my thing. I do want to practice just lightly filling them in – I tell you being left handed can have it’s issues. I have been trying to use my right hand more just to get more control over it SIGH.

So now that we got that out of the way, we are about to have some fun!! This is about to be a montage of just little snippets of what’s going on Make Up and Accessory Wise right now in my world – – –


I finally broke down and got me a set of those Sally Henson Designer Nails. LOVE EM!! I put them on Friday Night so it’s been almost a week. I will give the caveat that I really don’t do anything with my hands that would make these get some wear and tear. I don’t really do dishes (got a Teenager for that) and so the most I do is bathe, wash a dish here and there, wash my hands easy kinda stuff. Oh and Type but I type correctly (with the pads of my fingers). Let’s get into a series of pictures showing these off.


Now that I have them on, the only thing I can say about them is who made all these wonky shapes to go on your fingers? Be prepared to have to cut them down. The top part comes off through shaping, but the sides will need to be cut. Also make sure your hands are super dry when you apply. Oil does a number and try to be precise because the removal and re apply won’t really work. I lost two doing that. Of course my left hand is a bit off from the perfection of my right hand but you have to be looking to see it. I WILL be using these again. They were $9 at my local CVS.

Sunday we ventured to the Inman Park Festival. LOVED IT!! I actually bought something as well, check out these earrings!! Giving me fever!! A couple of these are huge so I feel like I want some hair to balance it all out. Otherwise I’ve been rocking some new stuff lately.

I also was digging around in my closet and in a bag came across my Avon Mineral Make up. I had forgotten about this. I used it and realized I must have bought it in the winter because it’s a bit light. I used Avon Magix under it and then applied followed up by Iman Pressed Powder and it did ok. I have colored and translucent. It’s something to have in your kit.





One of my Besties blessed me with some Covergirl Queen Collection Foundation. WHOOOO This is the first day I haven’t worn it. It’s a cream to powder and it is giving me much life. It is perfect for that Dewy Skin look. I made sure to keep the package so I can get some more. It is now my favorite foundation (I will do a post on all of the foundations I use) I changed up my routine for application a bit. usually I put my concealor on top of my foundation, for this I’m putting it under and after putting it on my face with a foundation brush I use a Stipple Brush to blend. I blend this a lot. I might touch up the concealor a bit with residual on the brush. It really makes my skin pop. I also make sure I powder appropriately because it can get a bit oily towards the end of the day. This is one you might want to touch up your powder after lunch on.

Lately I’ve been feeling these colors on my eyes. I’ve worn them several times since last Thursday.








Here’s my current “Getting Started On A Budget” item. I was checking out my favorite make up blogs (I will also let ya’ll in on who I read) and they were talking about how you don’t have to write off cheaply priced make up items all the time. Their example is the Spring eye shadow line for LA Colors which is sold at your local DOLLAR STORE. I was in there the other day and looked for some, they didn’t have the summer palettes out yet BUT I copped this one. Look at that pigmentation!!!!




Don’t Sleep. You can make all of this work. I am on the hunt for this one right here.


and Finally – a blast from the past when you are in a hurry. I woke up late this morning and it made me think about how to put on your face quickly to get out the door. In these instances, I start out with a quick moisturizer (changed to Oil of Olay with the pink writing – face isn’t dry anymore), then I use Milani Powder with my smaller face brush, I conceal with my MAC NW45 (only one two acne spots when in a hurry), Next for eye shadow this is the time where your two/three color palettes come in handy. You can grab a three color and roll it on your eyes quickly. Take the lighter color and apply over the whole eye, take the darkest color to your lid and the mid color to your crease, add some mascara and a quick pencil line if you want, then I will roll some pressed powder (Iman) on and call it a day. Now back in the day I copped these “Instant Eyes” from Avon. I bought several and still have some. Not sure if they sell them anymore. You literally peel the paper off put them on your eyes and you will get a three color look that all you have to do is blend out. I tend to tear them into two individual eyes so that I can roll the color on my eye better. Cool trick eh? check with your representative to see if they even still sell these.


Well I told you this entry would be fun!!! I hope you enjoyed it and are still hanging in there with me. If you have any questions or need to find out where to get something etc. let me know. I feel like I’m at the point I can dish out beginning wisdom, lol lol


If you want to follow the whole series. In the search engine on the page just put Drag Thursday. I named them all that so they would be easy to find!! Or the Tag Line Oh You Fancy Huh…will give you all of my Beauty Entries including my hair journey entry and video.


Once again THANKS and see yah Next Thursday – I’ll have Mothers Day looks, the Sweet Auburn Festival and whatever else I come up with!!! NOW SASHAY AWAY!!!


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