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May Day Musing


Depending on if I catch the train I need to be on or the one I actually show up for – there are 4 disabled individuals that I ride with in the morning. My question is why must they be so damn mean and bitter? I mean they have some of the nastiest attitudes ever. Especially the Sista. Don’t let you be sitting in the seats reserved for the Handicapped. She goes one stop and acts like this the train to freedom!!


So I see us negroes gonna act enlightened, informed and involved just a bit longer on this Bin Laden thing before we go back to our regularly scheduled programming.


After seeing Fast and Furious – I totally understand why black men will never really be the Hollywood Status they would want. 40-45 feet extremely attractive black men is overpowering. They not ready, lol


The Inman park festival is one of the best around. It’s eclectic with all kinds of vendors that lend themselves to shopping. Reasonable pricing etc. We had a ball and actually bought things.


The Sweet Auburn Festival betta not be filled with fake bags and cell phone cases dammit!!


I really have not gotten into the Mothers Day spirit. I completed the Besties gifts, but need to get two more. I have drawn a COMPLETE BLANK you hear me. They might just get cards with promises of more to come – really. I just can’t pull it together like I would like. I can’t even visualize what I would want to get. I have jumped the present giving shark for real. Damn!


Had this brillant idea that the besties and I should rent a studio downtown so that we can meet half way to hang out, lol man what a dollar and a dream would do for me/us.


There’s a brother at the job who’s walk moves mountains. I just like to see him walk.


Facebook is funny – especially how people use it. Don’t think it isn’t all a well crafted science to it all.


Every time I look at my personalized calendar at my desk, I smile at it being one of my best designs and purchases. I can’t wait to do next years.


My photo count is way down for 2011. I haven’t really been taking photos that I can use for like scrap booking etc. I need to start capturing some stuff.


The balling out of control has reached it’s apex. I am ready to just settle back down. I have enjoyed it though and everyone needs it.


Not sure exactly why I never got Transition Lens before – but I’m glad I finally came around. These are great!


Ever run into someone who just has a cloud over their head. I did recently and it was just freaking pouring raining over them. I wasn’t invested enough then or now to offer up my good umbrella – I wish them the best.


My living room is a cave and I haven’t really been in it in awhile. I need to come out of the bedroom and visit my living room, lol


My Eye Dr. let me know he ordered one pair of hard contacts so I can test drive them. I do remember wearing them when I first got contacts. They should be better than what they used to be…right?

Well this weekend has been the Best Week Ever for our President but this has also been for me as well – see that picture! Notice that size. Now this probably some kinda fluke because it’s the ONLY thing in my closet that size but I’m running with it baby!! As a matter of fact, I am going to claiming this size permanently, lol I wear this size dammit! I do!

A friend said to me, “You be having so much fun on facebook” I replied, “No I am having so much fun in LIFE and have decided to share it on Facebook”


Speaking of, due to an Facebook overload – I have run out of words. Need to reboot and re-up.


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “May Day Musing

  1. Morena

    Just because I keep up with you on FB doesn’t mean I can neglect reading your blog. I have GOT to do better because I know the “good stuff” is over here LOL

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