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We All Natural – And We All Showed Up At The Same Time

Well due to popular demand, I am going to get refocused and crank this out.  Well today is the day a whole heap of us had been waiting for,  The 14th Annual World Hair Show, today and tomorrow at the Georgia International Center.  Over 152 Vendors, musical performances, stage showcases etc. This was the “Bronner Brothers” of the Natural Hair World and it was landing smack dab in the middle of the Black Mecca..The ATL!

Well let me tell you, I was amped as I pulled up to the Congress Center.  This wasn’t the big one downtown, but the one out by the Airport. I have been out to this venue several times and thought it was perfect.  It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL DAY here and just perfect to rock your hair!!  The parking lot was crowded and I was inwardly smiling at the nice crowd that must be inside.  This was good.

After parking a country mile, we strolled up to the door expecting to be swept up in a scene similar to say The Car Show – WELL HONEY!!  It was more like Disney on the 4th of July and I’ve been there so I really can testify to this.  The corridor was at a stand still!  Scanning the corridor quickly it immediately became apparent that wayyy more people than they had expected came to the show. They had THREE count them THREE Ticket Booths!!  These booths were for ticket purchasers, will call tickets, model check in, the promise land – it was all at these three booths.  We were directed to the end of the line which was basically back at my Bestie’s house.  I mean REALLY…if you looked to the right there were sistas as far as the eyes could see, if you looked to the left at the ATM the line was just as long.  The lines were wrapped around the building!!  Damn here go my blood pressure!

I arrived at around 2:50 pm, so did the rest of Atlanta apparently.  The natives were restless and the vendors who ended up outside in the corridor were dancing for joy.  You know we get hyped, we gonna need some BBQ, a slushie and some ice cream to get it together.

I was bombarded with so much fly hair I was trembling, but I couldn’t really enjoy it because of the get in fiasco.  I will say though, Sistas held it together. I am proud of us.

After about 48 minutes, we were told the line would be moving – apparently the FIRE MARSHALL  showed up because there were too many people!!  They shut it down until folks were leaving allowing us to get in.

FINALLY we got a ticket and then proceeded to get in ANOTHER LINE. Apparently the Fire Marshall said that at least 10 people had to leave before all of us could actually go into the convention hall!!!!

Lawd after my hair grew a good 2 inches we were in the place!!  Let me bullet this to keep it as short as possible.

It was crowded

It was so crowded, that moving was sort of difficult

I’m trying to understand why T-SHIRT VENDORS were charging soo much money. They were the most expensive vendors in the house.

I bout burst from pride at all these black folks up in here trying to do the damn thing for our hair.

The lone Korean must have been cussing big time , cause he  didn’t realize it was that big either! His weave was nice though, lol

The big ones:  Miss Jessie, Shea Moisture, Jane Carter and Taliah Waajid were selling product hand over feet!! DO YOU HEAR ME!!  However, placing all of them right down the center of the hall made for TERRIBLE bottle necks.

I went to Jane Carter:  Any 5 liquids $20 any 5 creams $40 Yes you read that right!  BUT because I don’t think anyone really knew it was gonna be like this, they were sold out of a lot of stuff already (it opened at 10 am).  Like there was no conditioner or Curl Definer Cream. MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR SAMPLES, they have them hidden.

Shea Moisture – though I’m sure the BOGO recently tapped you out, was 3/$10.

TAILAH had 3 stands and two were basically sold out.  The kiddie product was plentiful though.

There are plenty of earring vendors. Man look for THE EARRING LADY (Booth 319) her shit was FLY!! You hear me?!  They range from $15-$25 but it’s firyah!

It was so crowded I didn’t see anyone I knew – hell I could barely see me.

Here is my haul:

Total for Jane Carter:  $25

Earrings:  $5

The hair stages were sprinkled throughout  – another bottle neck.  The performance stages on the edges – perfect.

Don’t sleep on the make up lines that were there. Some great black owned stuff.  Also I got my eye brows done. I really need to find me a sista to do my eyebrows.  My preferred method is razor and pretty much only sisters can hook that up.

In conclusion, I hope I didn’t sound a certain kinda way because I had a good time and I was just SOOO PROUD of the turnout.  I wish I had more money to spend I almost feel like I wanna go back tomorrow but my budget is shot.

This was a great opportunity to really ascertain if this is us being followers or really setting ‘trends’ to the bigger market.



I might have more to say later on in the week on a cerebral level, but this is the quick and dirty.


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2 responses to “We All Natural – And We All Showed Up At The Same Time

  1. Monica C.

    Girl, no you didn’t say your hair grew two inches while you waited in the line. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

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