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Drag Thursdays


Welcome to another spazzed out edition of Drag Thursday!! They just keep coming!! Sooo this is all about my love/hate relationship with wigs. Lawd ya’ll know I go back and forth, lol I don’t know what it is, but I see all this great hair and I watch Sista’s hooking it up BUT for me, 8 out of 10 times I am hating it. I even branched off into wig making and initially I was hating it, BUT a good day with that wig and now I’m back on the band wagon.


I think one of the main reasons I tried it again was because it seems as if the only place you can find a variety of curly wigs is on line. They are just not at the stores. They might have one maybe two but the rest are on the internet wig sites and that poses an issue because, to me, you can buy straight hair off the net but you need to be able to touch and feel that curly stuff. I ordered that Dream Girl and did that whole challenge to wear it five different ways in five days BUT that hair was just not of a quality I would have liked it to be. It looked fierce at night and on pictures but in person, I had to stay away from ALL heat sources!!!


However, weave hair has some great human hair that works well when you want to kinky out. I said I wasn’t going to weave this summer. I wanted to be able to really manipulate my own hair and just really get into the Gemini in me and if I want to do one thing during the week and another on the weekend – I needed the flexibility. So that’s why I decided to try making another wig.


This time I remembered everyone and MADE A VIDEO!! Now true there are plenty of wig making videos on line but not MINE, lol lol So now I’ve been added to the mix. Let’s get into my new quick weave!!


Well there you have it. I like it. The funny part about the whole thing was that when it was all said and done – the damn hair looked JUST LIKE the weave’s I usually get for the summer SIGH. I thought about it thought and (1) don’t fix what isn’t broken and (2) wasn’t that the purpose? So now I have two styles of kinked out hair. I suppose I would like to do one more. I swear I saw some actual ‘nappy’ hair so I could make me an afro. I can’t remember what store I saw it in. I might run over to Glenwood (the hood) this weekend and see if I saw it at that store. I want some burnt Orange Amber hair bad!!


Nothing to really report on the make up front. I need to expand the storage area yet again SIGH. I need to be able to further separate my eye shadows. The ones I got on line, the Iman ones came in and so this week I’ve been rocking those. Quite lovely. I have on a smoky eye with soft pink accents today. If anyone is thinking, I need to get get Pam a birthday gift – a lighted make up mirror would be nice 🙂


Anyhoo – there will be a SPECIAL EDITION OF DRAG THURSDAY with a HAUL early next week to showcase the 14th Annual World Natural Hair Show. It might even come Sunday Night!! I am SOOO excited!! I haven’t been to a hair show in a minute. The possibility of all those freebies has me trembling!! I WILL STICK TO MY BUDGET!!!

Also in the coming weeks we have some costumery in full effect – I will finally lay out some clothes for you to see, get into some Thrift Store Hauls and a lot more!! 

So till next time – SASHAY AWAY!!


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  1. That came out good! I love it!

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