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Musings In White


Ahh the day after Easter you know that that means? WHITE SHOES BABY!!! LOL


I swear I did NOTHING to exert any kinda energy this weekend, I don’t even think my heart rate rose YET I am sitting here bleary eyed. I just think it’s not my body’s natural stance to wake up before 8am, lol lol lol Whether it be first thing or the afternoon I will get sleepy.


I also will be glad when I get over this food hump. It’s all looking nasty and not edible, lol What I probably really want is a nice big bowl of Frosted Flakes in milk cold enough to have small chips in it but NOOOOOOOOOOO that’s no longer on the list. In exchange maybe some oxtails this weekend would set me right, lol lol I know cereal to oxtails but hey I really am trying to stick to some kinda life saving program


$3.75/gallon!!!! OH HECK NO!!! We are a quarter away from $4 mark and I’m sure we’ll reach it. This is really putting a strain on a lot of my plans. I really am going to have to pick and choose where I go outside of my immediate area. For instance, we wanted to go see Fast and Furious out Mall of GA. Well I’ve got to drive all the way to Old National and then the Congress Center and then back to Old National and then home – so going to Buford the next day is OUT!! We will be seeing that bad boy up the street!!


I took the opportunity this weekend to switch out my clothes which took me a long time because I kept stopping and napping and doing other stuff. Interesting that I switched out successfully and the closet looks as cluttered as it did prior to the winter clothes being taken out. SIGH. Just not enough room!! That’s all there is to it. A couple of lovely ladies thought it would be cool to show the process – you would be disappointed, lol I promise you.


I made a wig which turned out great. My only complaint is that when it was all said and done, it looked exactly like I usually wear my hair in the summer. I suppose since I said I didn’t want to weave this summer – the fact I was able to duplicate that style with quality looking hair in the removable option is a plus. WIG MAKING VIDEO DRAG THURSDAY!


It’s funny, I feel so cool inside that I really can feel it exhibiting itself on the outside. I really am comfortable with the way I look (for now) and my hair and everything that all of my clothes from last year are going to feel so much more fly as I rock them this year. Lawd to be this old – I am ‘smelling’ myself, lol lol lol


The fact I have three events requiring full costumery in the next six weeks is cazy!. Yet the anticipation is killing me. I haven’t even started sketching, lol lol


Mothers Day seems stressful this year for some reason. I keep trying to take it to the next level but I’m about to hit the glass ceiling. At some point the nostalgia of a card should make a person smile.


This year is speeding by – trying to make me have a Sr. in my house on purpose eh Calendar?


I might be starting to feel some kinda way that we will 95% NOT be having a family vacation this year.


I might be starting to feel some kinda way about the fact that we should be getting a quite ignorant phone call as the school year winds up from someone SIGH


Exactly why does Janet Jackson’s Book True You weigh so damn much. Like carrying the Dictionary around.


I need to write a whole post on Maureen Smith and the freaking genius of her work.


I see no one said a word about Wicked Wednesday, lol lol


I should start back up my fine black men blog. Spring time brings out my feeling for peen


Wonder how long this Ex will stay my friend….LOL


As women are there any sister circles where you can learn and HELP each other in our relationships without it being about drama or instigating or being nosy etc. Just if someone has some wisdom about a topic that maybe newly married folks etc. don’t they can share wisdom on how to keep your relationship strong? Do we do that as black women? I can’t remember.


I have been feeling kinda funny about the seemingly ‘chasing’ of a friendship. I did one experiment and it came out like I thought but I pressed on and now I just feel different about it. Though it will be hard because I just don’t like riding solo in this instance – I think I’mma stay in my corner.


Yea WE are gonna be there and Iinvite you to start something – I’ve been waiting for a long time….


Why did I totally forget the DRIVE IN last summer?! Putting that in my mental rolodex for this summer for sure!!!!!!!


Why is my WANT list so freaking long?!


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