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Drag Thursday


Good Morning Bloggers and Blog Readers! Welcome to another fantabulous edition of Drag Thursday! Before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to showcase the Final Three Contestants for Season Three’s Rupaul’s Drag Race. For those in the know, I was equally inspired to begin trying to get my own drag together by Rupaul and the whole world of Drag. Rupaul is all the way a constant source of Drag Fabulous Inspiration for me. In the coming weeks – my girls and I will be having our 3rd Annual Drag Show as well. I can’t give away anything, but it’s going to be FIERCE!!


Alexis Mateo, Manila Luzon and Raja


Season Finale – Monday April 25th 9:00pm est LOGO


Repeats Tuesday, April 26th on VH-1


I am on TEAM ALEXIS!! Peeking at Manila through heavily glittered eyes 🙂


Soooo – as you can see I am still rocking my puff! Honeyyy I so want to yank this bad boy out of my head!! I’m just tired of the look. However, I have a personal rule that you don’t switch hair styles mid week, especially in the work force. Now if you are wearing a straight wig and by Thursday you decide to rock a bun that’s a nice transition, it’s as if you are pulling your hair back, but you need to allow time for folks to ‘forget’ about you and then show up with something else. Especially if you go back and forth between long and short. Even a curly to straight or vice versa will work – but I gotta ride this out till Friday, lol I have taken it down and massaged my scalp and washed my hair but basically I’ve been rocking what has turned into a ‘protective’ style for three weeks now. That’s a LONNNG time for me. I expect when I take this out – to see some growth. I didn’t add any heat to it before twisting my hair up, yet it’s looking pretty straight from the gel I suppose.


I have acquired hair to make me a wig, but have not decided when I want to do that. I am contemplating how much height and volume I think I can get away with on a day to day basis. I have worn some volume but I want to grow this bad boy up sufficiently for the summer YET stay within some kinda confines of the place of employment. I will be doing a video of the making and styling of the wig I make.


For the next week though, I’ll be rocking my own hair – it’s World Natural Hair Show time next weekend and I need my own nappage to be ON POINT!! I have everything I need to deep condition and what not but I’m still deciding on do I want to do coils that will be rocking by the end of the week or twists or what. I first need to see what kinda length I might have acquired. Then we will move ahead from there. I know it’s going to be hysterical when I take this hair off because it seems that you do your face and what not to match your hair. Going from this kinda volume to not a lot, I know I’m going to have to walk by the mirror a couple of times so my eyes can merge with my appearance, lol lol the insanity of women and their beauty – LOVE IT!


Moving into the world of Make Up ahh the wonderful world of Make Up. Since I’ve really started wearing it, I have to say – I use most of my make up. There are very few things that just kinda sit around. I find that incredulous because I have, at this point, what I term as a lot. Surprisingly, I still don’t have it all I don’t have any BLUSH. I only have like 2 tubes of lip stick, there are some shades and combo shades of eye shadow I might wanna have. GOOD LAWD!! Again, I wear most of this stuff. During the week I might wear all of my foundations depending on the weather or the look. I might wear two whole eye shadow looks in one day. What I might wear to work might not be what I wear out in the evening. Even things like primers – based on what I’m trying to ‘achieve’ and I use that word loosely, I might wear a different primer under my foundation.


To Prove my point look what has happened:








I’ve added a whole new TOWER to my bathroom ensemble!! I needed to separate my mascara and eye liners and my lip stuff so I ended up buying this small three drawer set and I already see in a minute the whole whole top part is going to have to get deeper to hold more stuff. My eye shadows are about to runneth over. WOW!



Anyhoo – it was pay week which ya’ll know means I have a HAUL. Let’s get into it.


Milani Eye Shadows including TWO of the Baked Collection!!

NYX Glitter Eye Liner Pencils in Gold and Purple

Bronzer Niccki D

Iman bundle

That Iman bundle I am most excited about for a couple of reasons. I really like the pigmentation on Iman’s eye shadows. I own two I got from Ebay and I use them as a base for neutrals all the time and the other reason is that they are coming from Colouredbeautiful. The vlogger (video blogger) who I hipped you all to on that post about my favorite You Tube Folks. The one giving you Janet Jackson level fab!! She had a blog sale and I was able to get in on it. I just got notification they are in the mail. It’s coming from California, so it will get here.


So what’s on the horizon? I am almost ready to reveal my feet to the world. I got some funky nail polish from Ross (DON’T SLEEP ON PLACES LIKE ROSS, MARSHALLS ETC. for make up!! They have some great stuff, things you might not, probably won’t find at your local BSS or Drug Store). A year ago I bought some Michael Jackson nail decals and I’m ready to emboss the big toe with those and a little glitter, lol


I’m not showcasing this stuff yet BUT I did purchase a few articles of clothing. I’m cleaning my closet this weekend and making a video so that might end up on here in the coming weeks as well.


Well let me go – if you would like to review the entire Drag Thursday Series – just look at the tags and choose Drag Thursday and all 7 entries should come up back to back for your reading pleasure. If you would like me to talk about anything in particular, I can give it the old college try and see what I come up with.


Again, THANKS for the support!! Till Next Thursday – Sashay Away!!


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