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The Festival Inside My Head


Yesterday on the way home, I saw this older sister on the train. She had to be well into her 70’s. She was sitting in one of the side seats so I could only see half of her. I got up to get off the train and was able to see her entire face and noticed that she had a beautiful flower in her hair. I stopped and smiled broadly at her and she smiled back and her eyes just seemed to light up. For some reason that really touched my soul. She was alive and had placed this wonderful flower in her salt and pepper hair and it just made her look even more alive. It gave me the warm and fuzzies as if she was my Grand Mother. I didn’t really have a chance to experience Grand Parents and for some reason I just wanted to feel like she was mine.


What’s funny is that if we were doing what we were suppose to be doing, our heads would be covered as well. No amount of old pictures or snarky comments is going to take the place of the reality of where we are today – so please stop stressing about it.


I wish I had like a slice of lemon to shove in my nostrils to get the smell of that funky negro on the train out of my nose!!! He sitting there like he don’t know he stank like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ballin out of control damn near made me as stressed out as being broke. I just can’t win.


Speaking of winning – I’ve entered several things over the past few months and I just don’t think I am the type that wins things. As I look back, I have only won maybe 2 or 3 things in my life. Come on now!! Let a sista get it in!!


I relaxed my mind and got all giddy about new first love. I thought about how spectacular all that first time feeling is and how wonderful all that sex can be. The whole excitement of it all. Unfortunately, I have to just kinda embellish my own experience because it wasn’t like that with my first. I didn’t hit up on some of that mind blowing exploratory sex until MUCH later in my life. That kind where you are just always aroused around each other and would much rather be in some kinda reverse cowgirl than say…EAT, lol lol I wonder what it would have been like at 18-19 etc. Some of the excitement was jaded because by then I had to get over some stuff in order to experience the current in the way it was meant to be. Oh well, you could spend all your time trying to Butterfly Effect your life – but just like in that movie – changing one thing could possibly change some things you didn’t want to – so you gotta just live with the way it was.


If the 80’s was my decade, well honey the 90’s was RG’s (moving forward I will be replacing Hubby with RG). He had been on one and giving me some great Guy, Jodeci memories, lol lol he’s special and I love him for it.


We just discovered that among all these activities we have planned the MWC does not have a Girls trip in the works. Wow!! We probably will do a staycation. We were considering a cabin and a hot tub and some wine. Hey it really doesn’t take a lot.


In case you missed it, I came away from the grocery store this week saving $76 in coupons and discount card at Kroger. That’s my biggest savings ever and probably won’t be repeated any time soon. I am no extreme coupon person, it just seems as if everything lined up. This coupon alignment might not happen for several months. At least it allowed me to fully fill my fridge cause it was echoing in there for real, lol


I spent like 2 1/2 hours at the eye dr. on Saturday. God I love him. He was quite chit chatty as well and I was all the ready to give him my rapt attention, lol lol he gave me a more detailed exam because we are trying to come to some solution to my contact issue. I think I told you that we can’t seem to find a pair where I can SEE and READ at the same time. My nearsightness has moved into an arena where that’s making it difficult. So he came to the conclusion that I may need to go to a hard contact lens. The old school kind. They are a bit more expensive and more uncomfortable but I remember having some when I first started wearing contacts. At this point in my life – I am fine with my glasses, I’ve come to accept them and after buying these $300 frames which I love – I am ok with it so the contacts would just be for those times when I put on my face hair and outfit and it’s just not working with glasses. I will let him know soon about my decision as soon as I do a little online research about hard contacts these days. It’s been awhile. I didn’t even get frames this time – just lens and it cost me like $200!!!! WTH?! Yet I had to get a slightly strong perscription so that means the cost to shave these bad boys down gets higher and I needed another kind of glare protection to combat the night blindness. Surprisingly he assures me that I am not the blindness person he’s seen that day, lol lol He’s like you cool.


Next up the teenager. She is fine in the eye section. got some drops for the dry eyes, and we were turned on to some new’ish’ technology where he could get her out of glasses. It’s like wearing a retainer for your eyes. You put on these special contacts and sleep in them and then take them out in the morning and you are able to see without the use of glasses or contacts. Within two weeks she should not need glasses at all. It’s reversible because if you stop putting the special contacts in at night your eye reaffixes it self and you need your subscription again. RG and I talked it over and probably at the beginning of the year when I re-up my Flexible Spending Benefits – we will embark on that journey to end her Senior year with a bang. Until then she is going to try daily wear disposables (wear them a day and throw them away).


Sunday we ventured to the Dogwood Festival. The first full festival of the year and it didn’t disappoint. The traffic certainly did but the event was nice. With the beautiful weather we had this weekend – walking with the family, looking at the great art. Yea! I was a bit pissed that every single food, beverage and treat station was so freaking busy and the lines were sooooo long that I wasn’t able to enjoy any of that kinda stuff. Eliminating sugary drinks from my diet – puts my drink choices at bare minimum in this type of atmosphere – so I just brought my own water. I really wanted to try some of the food thought. I chose against and ice cream, wasn’t in the mood and my all time favorite the frozen lemonade – just has too much sugar SIGH.


So I was all over the place and what not and didn’t get a chance to do anything to my head so I guess I’ll rock this afro puff another week. Three weeks and still going on this style. Good rest for my head but I’m tired of the look, this weekend I definitely am deep deep conditioning and start to get my head prepped for the World Natural Hair Show – gotta show up to that on level 10 fantastic – ahh the pressure, lol lol


Hmm on all the whining. I really don’t have the bandwidth. I got folks right here whinining, lol I think she’s realizing that I was calling but I was also trying to lead my own life – so now that I’ve stopped all that compulsory calling, it really slips my mind to call her. it’s odd, we both juggling for control in the convo, lol lol She’s not interested in hearing about my life and the every day of it – if it’s not some story that might point towards drama. I can be talking and she’ll go “Well anyway..” and but in about something on her end. It’s cool to try to out talk but don’t dismiss what I find important. It’s like she just can’t stand to hear me be a separate entity as in an adult, lol lol Oh well. It doesn’t bother me like that anymore and that’s an achievement.


So I was all over the place and what not and didn’t get a chance to do anything to my head so I guess I’ll rock this afro puff another week. Three weeks and still going on this style. Good rest for my head but I’m tired of the look, this weekend I definately am deep deep conditioning and start to get my head prepped for the World Natural Hair Show – gotta show up to that on level 10 fantastic – ahh the pressure, lol lol


80’s all week – I guess, especially because this weekend is usually a quiet one for me with it being Easter and all, i am going to clean out my closet and get it all set up for Spring/Summer. I am eager to see what I have because I’m drawing a complete blank on what I wore last summer. I just can’t remember, which should make this fun.


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  1. Monica C.

    Hubby = RG –> love it!!! 🙂

    $76 in savings is a lot! Hope you got some good stuff!

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