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Drag Thursday


What it is my Beautiful People! Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday! Where novice meets a whole heap of stuff I want!! LOL So over the past week I have been giving my hair a rest in my Afro Puff. I do consider this a ‘protective style’ because I don’t do any manipulation to my own hair. I haven’t even taken out the Afro Puff I put in. I wrap my hair and then put a silk bonnet over the whole shebang. RG calls me Marge Simpson!!


As the weather is getting warmer (sometimes that is) I finally have started my prep to show skin out in the world. This right here! I totally let it all go over the winter. I kept the shaving up but I just was not moisturizing as I should. On the real outside of a few lines – all that Bath and Body works and Avon things are for the summer. You need to bring out your big guns for the winter months. You can mix some of that light weight stuff in with your heavy creams but that stuff just doesn’t do it (at least not for me). So I’m running around smelling like “Tropical Island the beach on Sunday” but flaking like a freaking V. WE WON’T EVEN GET INTO MY FEET!!


So I melted some Shea butter down and have been slathering it on several times a day, just trying to get my skin back supple. Add to it that Diabetes will suck all the moisture out of you and I got to stay on it for at least 2 weeks. I think I have gotten my feet in some condition to be able to present them to an Asian.


I still have not come to terms with the weather yet so as I sit here right now typing this I have on a winter sweater, pants, two pairs of socks and winter shoes, lol lol (I wear two pairs of socks because most of my shoes are too big -weight loss) and so I need them to keep my feet from sliding around.) I must I must move into some spring stuff. I did however, go look at some things and I am so excited about the summer possibilities. I am feeling mighty fast these days so I intend to try to be cute on a more consistent basis. I think I would like to have some new things hanging in my closet and some new shoes littering the floor BEFORE I pull out what I already have – that way I can just be excited about the whole process.


I know every Thursday I say I am done with Make up BUT there’s always more to get. I use my make up so I feel ok adding to the collection. Now my OTHER Bestie is getting into make up which means a whole new excitement!!


I did want to talk to everyone about a really good solid BSS (Beauty Supply Store) line that I started with and still use quite frequently and that’s Nikka K. They are usually up in the front of the BSS and retail for around $2.99 (this makes me mad because apparently in the North this stuff is like 99 cents!! M-A-D). As you can see from this picture I own quite a bit of their eye shadows. I have had them in my stash from way back. The Trios really give you everything you need to make up an eye. Now they have these ‘Milani Like’ Duos that I am sorta liking as well. The pigments are not Iman Caliber (her stuff is SOLID) but they are great for someone who is starting out to experiment with or if you want a day time work look. They are my go-to eye shadows and as you can tell some of them I’ve dipped in for real honey.


Well due to the Gemini in me, sometimes part of me will say something and the other part will balk at the notion. You know I have been going back and forth about this whole wig making thing. I made this wig about a month ago.

 It wasn’t that I didn’t like the wig – I just felt like it was too dark. The pack said 1B but this is black, I don’t see no parts of no brown up in here. However, I LOVED LOVED the texture. I put it aside though. Well this past Saturday it was bright and sunny and I wanted some big ole hair to rock and so I took this out the closet and remembered that not only was it very dark but having made it on the wig head – the cap was a bit tight and didn’t go all the way on my head. RG to the rescue! I asked him to stretch it and I said I wanted to try it one more time. BABEEEEEEE – it just seemed to work all of a sudden (maybe I was just too tired after making it on a work evening to really see it with my make up and a cute outfit on, lol). I even got some male attention out in the street (hehehehe).




So I say all that to say that I need to make me another one of these in the right color!! I always keep my hang tags and one weft of hair so I can remember things, but I only have the hang tag. I will be going to see what other colors they have and in anticipation of them not having anything, I am making a trip to the hood (Memorial Drive for ATL folks) so I can get me some weave life. My area is just so not with it. I need to go to a mega store and so C&C Beauty here I come. I’m sure you all are looking forward to my weekend haul – it’s PAYDAY week!!


Upcoming I should have conversation and pictures about clothes and shoes. I also will have some Dogwood Festival Haul stuff and I want to show you all how I make the wig and transform it. So stay tuned. As soon as I set up the SUN in my bathroom for the appropriate light – I want to begin showing you some of my eye looks and just my made up face period. Keep your fingers crossed I find some light in that dungeon I live in!!


See ya’ll next Thursday!!


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