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Wicked Wednesdays

Who is it?


The kids were running everywhere!!  In and out of the house.  The screen door slammed with a profound smack everytime they came in and out. He sat on the couch watching them but not speaking.  He was annoyed and restless and they were just making it worst. 

Suddenly she appeared.  Hands wet from doing the dishes.  He inwardly smiled.  They were in trouble now.  She went off!  Rounded them all up and told them she would make them come in and copy the dictionary if they didn’t keep their behinds either outside or inside.  He secretly wished they would remain OUTSIDE!  Their little faces looked shocked and they scrambled outside.  He watched her standing there one hand on her hip, hair pulled up, Braids spilling out of her hair clasp, her favorite pair of shorts and big t-shirt comfortable.

He got up off the couch and grabbed her by the wrist as she turned from the door.  He hooked the latch on the screen door and closed the house door locking it.  He pushed her up against it and began kissing her.  She felt his hardness through his shorts and as always she fell weak to him immediately getting turned on.  His tongue was working wonders against hers and it was as if they knew prolonged foreplay was out of the question.  She had watched the kids go down the street so she figured they wouldn’t be back for awhile. 

They struggled over to the couch and it was just about pulling pants down to the thighs and getting it on.  He entered her and took her breath away.  This was gonna be good.  He was feeling it when Boom Boom Boom the kids were back!!!  He pulled out glistening and hard as Chinese arthemetic .  Oh hell no she thought.  She hopped up and he left the room while she opened the door completely out of breath.

The kids were talking and she wasn’t listening.  She told them to go out in the back or something and she slammed the door back shut.  He peeked from around the corner and she paced the floor.  He stepped out and his shorts were protruding and his chest was heaving.  She heard them run around the back and she had to think fast.  She went over took his hand and pulled him into the bathroom.  Lights out  she ripped his shorts down to his ankles and dropped to her knees and put her mouth around him to get him back to maximum excitement.  He pulled her up and almost threw her over the sink as he entered her.  Cups and toothpaste went flying as they joined together over and over.  The doorbell started ringing as the passion in her ears joined in.  The kids were bamming and ringing and he was pumping and grinding.

She switched to the toilet to make herself a bit more open.  There was so much noise so she let it rip. Telling him to fuck her till she came.  He started answering her.  She wished her arms were as long as her legs so she could really bend over.  Then she came and he followed suit right behind her.  He pulled her up sat on the commode and pulled her on top of him holding her to him still connected until he slipped out.  They sat breathing heavily listening to the children ring and bang on the door like pure fools.  Then they started to laugh.  He turned on the shower and she pulled up her shorts to go let them in.  

She was still breathing heavy as she made her way towards the door.  She stood there for a minute before she very casually said “Who is it?”


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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