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Wind Blown Randomness

Sitting on the train this morning, I was slightly amused by the realization that I have quietly slide into the ‘youngish’ category of life. I looked around at who was dressed like it was October instead of April and I fit with that crowd. I’m decked out in my boots, 2 pairs of socks and my winter coat. So sue me!! I gots to be warm until it’s really hot, lol

Suddenly it also dawned on me I have the capacity to become a Great Aunt – ain’t that interesting.

1 relationship with 1 of my nieces and nephews – don’t ask. It is what it is. it’s never to late.

Never say never when it refers to teenagers. Even the good ones can run you damn crazy. Take that bit of advice from me.

The fact that I haven’t had a regular soda since November 2010 is not lost on me. I also haven’t had any apple or orange juice. I can’t say I haven’t had any cranberry juice because I have but only what it takes to make a drink in a public place. Now I need to really work on cutting back even more on the carbs and fried foods. I getting there – I’m getting there.

This past weekend, I was able to say to myself that I am 90% out of the plus size stores. I say 90% because sometimes their 14W have some nice stuff and the cheaper the construction the bigger the size (hello rainbow and simply fashions) yet when you need some throw away hoochie wear that’s where you need to go.

I haven’t talked to her in several days. Just don’t have anything ‘general ‘ to talk about. I’m not gossiping so the things I have going on in my life are not of interest, that’s to much like being in another square the I’m a grown woman with grown woman things going on. So I have nothing to talk about………..

It seems as if I am avoiding any travel there. I can admit that. It’s too much. There’s too much to know, to figure out, to try to balance and it just sets me off balance. I will work out the travel to be here – I’m SOLID in the State of Georgia.

I can’t believe I didn’t spent 1 hour with any of my besties over Spring Break!!!!!! WTH?!

When I write down on paper and map out the activities in store for the next couple of months – I’m beside myself with joy!! April, May and June are giving me LIFE LIFE and more LIFE!!

Yes I distanced myself from that – some things work best when you are in a certain environment. I tried to bring in other energy and it just wasn’t working – gotta stick to the established vibe.

There are (and I’m sure others agree) parts of us that are at different levels of maturity. Some of me is quite old and then some of me is quite infantile. Just never had a chance to grow and requires a lot of work. Sometimes I haven’t even realized that those parts of me are so freaking needy. A lot of those area revolve around being with a man. I can act quite childish about some stuff not because I mean to, but because it was lacking and underdeveloped and so I need it. I think part of the journey of life is getting all of your ‘selves’ within the same circle of maturity. Once you get there, you are a bad mamma jamma.

I’m starting to fiend to sit with my dear friend W over a cup of exotic tea and just explore our world. The world we live in is so cerebral and futuristic, he’s the only one who lives there with me. It so clears my head.

I’m a bit afraid that my blog friend in my head Trent will stop blogging. I want to paste most of his blogs up on a sign and spin it around in the street like those dudes do.

I’m way mad that unlike back in the day when you as a parent could go and just work your teenager out a job – now there just aren’t any jobs. Teenagers are just a lost cause in the work force. Especially teenagers of color. Sad.

I’m trying to figure out do I have a bucket list and if so what’s on it other than attending a nude beach?

I haven’t felt creative with my hands in a minute. My scrapbooking is just sitting there wondering when I will get the need to feel the paper again. I think a romp through Michaels and Hobby Lobby, maybe this weekend will cause a light to go on.

I wish I had of picked a career that was off in the summer.

The two week, sloughing of the body in prep for any professional work to be done (mani-pedis) has begun. Shea butter for this is perfect!!

Not sure when I started biting my nails and not sure when I stopped but here they are back on the scene, quite healthy. I won’t be getting fake nails anymore, it just takes your nails through to much. If I’m not growing them then I just don’t have them.

I have some really nice pieces of jewelry (rings) that I haven’t worn in years because of my wedding set. That finger is the best finger to showcase these rings on. They came from the time when I wasn’t so sure I’d ever have anything like a wedding set on that finger. I really want to start back wearing some of my pieces but folks have some kinda fit if you take your rings off – what say you? I wish I could switch over the wedding set to the right hand and leave open my left hand for some of my cute jewelry.


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