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What’s In My Bag

Ahh the pocketbook, such an important part of a woman’s life!! It’s of the first things you want when you get old enough.  It is the companion staple to the other women’s obsession – shoes.  I actually like bags more than shoes (believe it or not).  I already have started looking for the perfect Summer 2011 bag.  I want to actually find something that will work with me riding the train.  My dream would be a nice ‘beach like’ solid summer color bag that I could put a smaller pliable clutch like bag in, so I can carry my summer reading, extra shoes (if I wear heels) or something and keep all of my wallet etc. in something I can pull out to go to lunch etc.  I also am going to need a weekend purse.

I was reading one of my women’s mags and they had a feature listing what’s in a celebrity’s bag.  Hell I’m a celebrity (in my world) so I decided to dump my bag out on my table and give you a peek.

I am currently carrying a “Prada” (say it lightly you know the deal) that my sister gave me a few years ago for my Birthday.  I like this bag and it’s been serving me well for the past couple of week and I can actually put it in my tote when I need to.

So, here for the world to see is WHAT IS IN MY BAG! (clockwise from the pocketbook starting with what’s laying on the flaps)

My Wallet – I LOVE this wallet!! Got it for $3 at a designer thriftique. It’s from Unlisted

My Diabetes Testing Kit

Excedrin Migraine and Tylenol – always somewhere getting a headache.

Eyeglass Measurer – for an online discount eyeglass site

Equal, Sweet & Low and Splenda Packs

Kool Aid Fizz Drink – found these at target, drop in some water and get a quick drink, esp if you on a budget No sugar No carbs.

Compact mirror from ELF – has a magnifier side $1

My Nivea lotion – love this stuff Walgreen $1

Sharpie, Regular Pen, Michael Jackson Pen

Loose Change

Iphone Headphone

RG’s hearing aids battery kit

Random Wet Nap

Dental Floss

Job Computer Keys

Address on a post it and stamps

Make up Brushes – great soft non cheap looking set from forever 21 $5

2 lip glosses & a lip pencil – Avon tri colored, Milani Gloss, Revlon lip pencil

Make up sponge – heavy content of foundation already soaked in so takes the shine away quick

Trident Watermelon Gum

Stocking Cap and Headband

Janet Jackson Ticket – cause I’m not ready to take it out, lol

Job ID

Iphone – not shown

SO WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKETBOOK.  What’s the weirdest thing you have?






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