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The Fashion Forward Muslim Teenager

As the gas prices and heat index rise quite quickly, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay cool in the hot ass A-T-L.

Part of that thought process is also thinking about my first summer with my ‘reverted’ (this is the terminology because the belief is that you were Muslim and so to accept that from where ever you were prior is reverting back to your true religion) Teenager.  This would be our first summer working around and dressing with no visible body parts except for feet, hands and face.

My first thought was well it’s hot as hades in the Middle East, so I’m sure we can work it out here.  My next thought – ok, my first thought was a bit of ‘feeling some kinda way’  The truth is, I still struggle with not seeing her hair blowing in the wind and other things that I envision in my mind, but my own upbringing etc. would not let me feel some kinda way because she wanted to be covered.  Yet I was thinking Um the beach?  Um if we were to go on a cruise, ain’t all them clothes just gonna be damn hot!  What about personal hygiene?!  It wasn’t about being naked, it was about the look, the comfort and how to make her feel good.

So after going through all of that, my mind went to the Universal things that we all do to lighten it up, mainly lighter fabrics.  Next I ran through what she can wear. She can wear long pants, she can wear long skirts and dresses and she can wear all kinds of sandals with her toes out, heels the whole works.  I had a starting point!

Then I went to the internet looking to see what other fashionable Muslim Women were rocking, because this is 2011 and I’m sure even YOU have some pre-conceived notions based on what the West shows you of how women are and are treated and are looking that follow some forms of Orthodox Islam. I had it to, so it’s ok.  That’s why I want to write sometimes about this stuff so we all can learn.

I found several sites that gave me some great ideas and just seeing some things got me to really working out in my head some great outfits for her.   Seeing that the maxi dress, and longer styles in general (THANK GOD), are in style for the general public really set me on fire.

I’d like to give you some visuals of some of the unique & creative ways Muslim women are staying just as fashionable while remaining modest.  You can click on any picture to get a closer look at the outfits.

This summer should be a lot of fun!!!!

Modesty Swimsuits Anyone!!!

These are called Arm Sleeves, you can wear these under short sleeve shirts to continue the modesty line.


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  1. Perfect and stylish. I love how you think Pam.

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