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Drag Thursday

 Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday, my personal view into me trying to get Boo-ti-ful and Fly, lol I’ve got lots to talk about in this weeks post, so let’s get started with something special






A VIDEO!! Yep, I have this capability on my phone, in HD no less and hardly use it. I broke it out last night to take you on a trip through my bathroom cosmetic arrangement and I hoped you enjoyed these 11 minutes!! That was fun. I acquired the editing program for my phone as well and after I take a few You Tube classes, I will be doing more videos.

Before I launch off into the written portion of the blog entry, I need to vent: I am trying to figure out what the other ladies are doing to take such good pictures of their make up on their faces. I need to really figure out lighting or something. The reason I don’t post pictures of like my eye make up etc. is because when ever I take a picture I don’t like it, you can’t see the make up clearly and it all looks greasy or something. I KNOW I’m not doing that bad and I’d like to show you all so I will work on that for sure. The lighting in my daughters bathroom is spectacular but even then my make up pictures just don’t work for me to post anywhere, especially the close up pictures. SIGH……

Well why don’t we start off with this weeks haul. It was a pay week (now a broke weekend) so you know that means I bought a couple of things. I swear I am almost done with this whole make up thing. I see that really I only have to get me some MAC cream to powder foundation and that should be it. I really am ready to move on to clothes and shoes.

So Beauty Masters is the DEBIL!! I had to go out that way to pick up my Matron of Honor Dress and it’s right down the street. I stopped through to feel some hair (yea right) and ended up on that damn $1.99 Milani Line table. I got a sparkle eye shadow, a mousse foundation and a lip stick. I saw a heap of nice earrings, but I’m cool for now on that front so I came out spending under $10 YAY Me! Then I copped a really cute two shade glimmer duo from Nicka and the last ELF quad I wanted. The ELF shades (I’ve worn them twice this weekend) are great building eye shadows. Putting some bold over these neutral shades is great. The last thing was an in house find. Going shopping in the Teengers make up basket lead me to this Avon Mascara. I’ve been using Maybelline Lush Lash something or the other exclusively for months now in a brown, but I was longing for a black. I stroked my lashes with this bad boy and FELL IN LOVE!! My lashes looked fake!! She ain’t getting that back!!!

The last two items deserve their own spotlight. I read about Clinique coming out with a lower lash mascara on the blog Clumps of Mascara. I knew I wanted to try it because I frankly had no idea what to do with my lower lashes, but I felt I needed them to be at the party. I picked it up on Friday and I’ve used it a few times. Isn’t it the cutest thing!!?! I mean it’s tiny but it’s effective. It totally brought my bottom lashes out, you can see them – even behind my glasses (see here is where a good picture of them would work – damn lighting!) and it only takes a little bit (one application on the wand does both my eyes) I think sweep my lash brush across to eliminate any extra. Niceeeee. The cost is $10 for basically a 90 day supply.


Next is this glitter palette from Clair’s. I like Clair’s (and it’s sister Icing). Yea tweens live in that store, but more and more I see mom’s lurking around. First of all they can have some CUTE earrings. I bought a pair I’ll be debuting at one of the Festivals that I can’t wait to rock and for us Natural sisters they have some of the best headbands and hair stuff around if you want different. I’m STILL mad I didn’t cop that little top hat headband over the holidays! Clair’s also sells make up. The cutesy kinda make up that your 14 year old begs you to let her wear. Well when I saw this on the clearance rack for $1.98, I scooped it up knowing full well that the pigment would be a 3 on a scale of 1-10 minimum and it wouldn’t be the best product, but that was fine with me. This is a GLITTER collection. I’m not a clubber and I don’t work in an environment where dressing hip and fly is the norm, so this, to me, would give me that pizzazz I wanted without being too over bearing. I wore a strong eye every day over the past couple of days since I was off and I used some of the glitter (swatches below). It made for a great base across the lid and supplied a strong hold on the main color I added over it. The slightly ‘gel’ like consistency made the main color come across as a ‘wet’ look and brought it to the forefront for real.


Here is a picture of me rocking a strong blue eye with some of the Clair’s Glitter.


Soooo, this was a nice haul this weekend. As I stated, I am really slowing down and am ready to move on to some other stuff. On the HAIR front, I now have enough hair to twist up and direct it towars the crown of my head. I did a rag wash (that’s where I take a wet washcloth with a dab of conditioner on it and run it vigorously through my head as a cleaning/conditioning method – this would only work on shorter hair – ‘cleaning’ my scalp and massaging it) I then twisted it up with some gel and plopped my number 4 puff on top. LOVE IT!! Intend to rock this at least until after the Dog Wood Festival – I hope I don’t have to re-do it. Usually this style lasts two weeks. I also hope there’s a bit of ‘resting growth’ when I take this out. One of the things I am just enjoying about my natural state of hair is that when I do these type of styles – there is no dread in taking them down because I don’t have to TOUCH UP ANYTHING!! to be able to just wash my hair and condition it just really feels like right for me at this time.

Finally, I stopped in Ross and was bowled over by several pairs of shoes!! This really was my turning point in saying it’s time to direct my attention away from the neck up and start to work on the rest of this package!! I wish they had lay-a-way. Marshall’s does but I never find anything in there that looks good to me. I like their house wares and I like Ross’s clothes etc. So we will see what I come up with in the next few weeks. I am starting to get excited about a Thrift Store run – ya’ll are gonna love that!!

Well until next week…..I already have a post in mind, I didn’t do it as part of today cause it would just make this too damn long!!!!!!!!


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