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Wicked Wednesdays

The Picnic



She was feeling the food and she was feeling him as they sat on the floor of the living room.  The rain had unceremoniously cancelled their picnic in the park and always quick on his feet – he brought the picnic to her.


She giggled at the memory of him standing at her door – basket in one hand – yellow roses in the other.  She knew he had a hard week between the job/apt hunt and the Drs. Appt.  They had been looking forward to just relaxing.


After pulling a blanket out of the closet and turning on the jazz channel that she got with her cable subscription, they had plopped down and he lay out the spread he had brought – – cheese, pineapples, crackers, strawberries, pieces of slicked turkey and….raisins.


The conversation was free flowing and easy.  They had found that thought they came from different backgrounds and different regions of the country they meshed. – the fact they had broken their respective gender molds drew them together; he wasn’t a fly by night brotha and she wasn’t a difficult gold digger.  They had decided to give each other a chance and this was their sixth date.


She looked him over as he sat on the floor. He was tall and a nice brown color. He had Northern mannerisms and his laidbackness could almost be misinterpreted as blasé’ but it was just the way he was.  Their  laughter rang out as she told yet another one of her vividly described stories about something that went on in her world earlier that day.


As the sun set – they drank wine and further connected.   He picked up a pineapple and leaned in to give it to her.  She opened her mouth as the sweet/tangy piece of fruit was gently placed on her tongue.  They looked at each other and both had a visual of decadence.  Her heart skipped a beat and it was as if he actually heard it, because he picked up another piece of fruit and fed it to her as well.  She didn’t remember when the distance between them closed, but suddenly he was very close to her – she could feel his body heat and smell his cologne, she became a bit heady.


“I really am feeling you”, he said softly to her. She replied in kind and they just stared at each other thru lust heavy eyelids.  He leaned in and his kiss landed right on target. Her head lifted to meet him halfway.  The kiss was electrifying – she could have sworn the lights flickered from the connection.


Upon opening her eyes, she noticed he had the box of raisins in his hand.  He shook a few out and held them in his hand.  “I want to find the passage way to your heart”, he took a raisin and fed it to her.  She inhaled his fingers and ran her tongue around them, beckoning the rest of him to join in.  They began to kiss and he lay her gently back on the blanket.  She looked up at him with needful eyes and he glanced at her body, rising and falling from her quickened breath.


He placed a raisin on her forehead and then on her nose followed by her lips and very gently kissed each of them off.  Next he placed raisins on her neck…one, two, three he placed.  He took deliberate hands and unbuttoned the buttons to her blouse.  Four, five, six went the raisins on her rapidly inflating and deflating chest.  The raisins stuck to the plump mounds of flesh that peeked above her bra. Her mind was getting foggy and she thought she was going to faint from the sheer eroticism of his acts.  He placed a raisin right on top of her nipples which were shielded by the thin fabric.  Next, he ran raisins down her exposed stomach and made a little mound in her belly button.


She held her breath as he began eating the raisins off of her neck.  “Is this a path to your heart?”, he whispered and since she didn’t trust herself to speak she just nodded up and down in response.  Her eyes rolled back as he ate the raisins off her chest but flew open to watch him take the tip of his tongue and very gently swirl it around the raisins on her nipples – the fabric became damp from his salvia and her sweat as they strained to be released from their prison.  He continued on down and when he got to her belly button he tongue kissed it long and hard in a passionate display of attraction.


Her body was SCREAMING!!  But when she felt his presence leave hers she opened her eyes and he was just looking at her.  He backed up and pulled her up.  Her mind and body were confused and she looked at him with questioning eyes.  “That was not the way to your heart – that was a path to your sex – the way to your heart is a road less traveled and well worth it – so I’ll take my time and learn it before I rest my head at my new ‘home’.  Her eyes got big – it had been some picnic – she had been enticed by his company, blew away by his sincerity and seduced by some raisins. Lord only knew what he would have in store for her as he continued on his journey – but she sure as hell couldn’t wait to find out.


Pamalicious – 9/8/05



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