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You Tube, I Tube – My Fav’s

Good evening!  Awhile back, I said in a Drag Thursday entry that I wanted to introduce some of my favorite Beauty You Tubers to you all.  A year ago, I came on you tube but it was not a frequent site.  Then one day and I really can’t remember why, but it was associated with some question I had about Natural Hair, I came on and discovered the vast world of You Tubing sisters giving you all that they know…for free.  I quickly dubbed You Tube the “poor man’s college” and I enrolled carrying a full load, lol  At least once a week I spent at least an hour on there looking, listening and learning about whatever subject has my fancy.  Mostly my subjects are pertaining to Hair both natural and bought and make up.

For those that are interested in learning about the world of Beauty from the neck up (lol) these are a great way to start.  These sisters should be getting awards for the knowledge they impart.  These you tube channels I subscribe to as well.


This sister is serving MASSIVE Janet Jackson does Make up.  Her natural hair is fierce and she’s taken wigs to another level.  She is a Professional and actually teaches make up classes.


This Sister does it all make up, wigs, poetry, music.  What makes her channel not only a go to for Beauty but an inspiration as well is that she has alopecia and she openly discusses it and gives you information about it.



This Sister here has a natural wonderful head of hair and she gives great wig reviews for those looking to enhance their natural look she also does make up as well and personal stories which sometimes are funny.


The Truth? One of the main reasons I subscribe and come back again and again is because to me, this sister is BEAUTIFUL!!  I mean georgous!!  She rocks some great wigs and gives great make up advice.  Darker Sisters come get a peek.


This sister’s personality is just infectious and she has one great head of freaking hair YET she will rock a wig to make this even bigger, lol lol  Loves her!

I read several more, but I wanted to share these sisters with you because they are something special!!


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “You Tube, I Tube – My Fav’s

  1. Constance BeGood ⋅

    This is awesome, Pam! Who knew when the world wide web first launched, we could have access to a vast universe? I go back and forth about cutting my locs for new energy. Today on my favorite mode of transportation, the man behind me was on his cell and told the person that I had some beautiful locs. It made me feel good and now I will just implement ways to enjoy them better. I can you tube it, apparently. Thanks for posting this.

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