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Spring Break Randomness

Wonder why the majority of romance novel heroines never have a menstrual cycle?  They always seem ready at any given time to throw down.  As much as I hate interjecting real life into my romance novels, as a woman I’m irked because to me that’s a part of our sexuality as well.  Let the dashing hero get turned down and have to hold her or something instead of always ready to throw one leg up.

Yea I feel like I’mma need to take a peek at Mobs Wives. Those broads gonna be raw.

85 today and 55 tomorrow?  Really?

I’m happy that I’m starting to get away from being cheap while exploring more effective ways to be frugal.  There is a difference, believe me.

Ya’ll remember sizzlelean?  That pressed bacon stuff.   I used to LOVE that stuff!!  Wonder what happen to it.  It was beef and turkey.

The President has thrown his hat in the ring for 2012 – the crazy thing my child turns 18 right before election day – she can VOTE!!

I realized watching a show, that the teenager and I have had conversations, but not a lot about sex.  We’ve covered all the mechanics, but I want to make sure she has a healthy outlook on the whole thing.  I don’t want her to be afraid of being intimate on any level with a dude.  I think that I have presented quite the openness and approval of the joys of men (lol) but you never know – especially when your teenager doesn’t talk a lot.  She has VERY little experience.  I need to bring this up.

Exactly why do you think that it all should revolve around ya’ll and the request you all make and when folks are not jumping there’s some kinda problem.  I hate feeling that implied pressure!

I should have never introduced the family to Tombstone Pizza, now they will never eat the Kroger Brand again and it’s good as well.

I do recommend Kindle for Iphone. It’s not affecting my eyesight at all.  I read the book I wanted to read on there and it’s cool.  I like having these other books that I keep with me at all times.  I sit around a lot and now I can read.

When Vh-1 does music shows like I Love the 80’s etc.  they so do it up big!  LOVE THEM!!

Why do I keep watching either Sex and the City or Noah’s Arc.  Just good freaking TV I suppose.

So when are we gonna bring Girl Friends back?  It’s time – can we get a TV Movie or something?!

My color is leaving my hair fast.  Not sure though what I want to do because I would like to go lighter but that would mean changing up some hair pieces and I don’t want to do that again.

The Hubby (sorry I read a blog where this irritated someone they mentioned their pet peeves on their page) LOL  has a green screen.  I think I’ll do a couple of videos.

I feel lonely that my ‘sisters’ are in florida without me.  They are having a great time though.

I gotta get my diet under better control – having a moment and it affects my sugars.

Exactly why are Tori and Dean now Wedding experts?!

Sinbad has a reality show? About what?

Ok, dude I get it.  Watching the 13 inch is like relieving your childhood. It’s just small, lol

I totally am aware that I have diabetes, I am no longer in denial about that. I have improved by leaps and bounds.  I haven’t had a sugar drink (like a glasss of) since November 2010.  I am not even craving it.  HOWEVER, I’m not about to get bogged down in the disease.  I will read, I will check stuff out sometimes, but the whole disease is personal everyone does things differently and there is always someone who knows it all and I’m not in the mood. So no I’m going to the World Hair show NOT the Diabetes show.

Black don’t crack.  Just thought I’d affirm that.

Did you know Anderson Coopers mom was freaking Gloria Vanderbilt?!

An article of clothing I’ve been waiting on them to re-up on is available. Please believe I am getting it and they better not sell out before I can!!!!




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4 responses to “Spring Break Randomness

  1. Monica C.

    Just as long as you don’t slip up and call him “The Hubsters” – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

  2. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    Happy Spring Break Pam!

  3. NikkiFree ⋅

    I knew that news about Anderson Cooper years ago. In fact, I knew that looooong before I found out he was gay.

  4. danita ⋅

    I have fallen in love with TOMBSTONE pizza too! we didnt eat the “store” brand. we would buy the digorno’s and we like the TOMBSTONE better than that brand!

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