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Because Facebook Won’t Let Me Be Great, lol

I guess because it’s spring break I have an abundance of random shit on my mind, lol A lot of it is about pop culture, I guess from watching TV unhindered today the first day of my “Spring Break” My first inclination is to fill up my FB status, but you know that’s not right, lol  So I am doing a rare night time Blog entry

How exactly can you confuse someone in writing a blog. I read a blog that is so cerebral and extra, I just stopped because I really just don’t get it.

Exactly what does Teyana Taylor do?  How is she staying revelant?  What is she relevant for?

Why do I feel like if Dave Chapelle, who started to go through something, had went through it publicly and then went on tour to talk about it, he would NOT be getting the kinda play Charlie Sheen is getting.  The crazy Nigga conversation would be in full effect.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:  WHO THE HELL IS THIS HARD LOOKING, NO SHAPE HAVING, UGG BOOT WEARING,  WONDER WOMAN!!? PAGING LYNDA CARTER!  Please come kick her ass!

You ever blow your nose, get dizzy and fall over?  Oh, ok that’s just me, lol

I can’t remember if I have read any book about Little Richard, so I’ll have to get me one and Monique has peaked my interest in Hattie Mcdaniel from Gone With the Wind, I need to check out a book on her as well.

I’m waiting on the episode of Fame where Nia Peoples sings this song.  I don’t remember the name but I will know it when I hear it.  I remember taping it off the TV with my Cassette Player, lol  I probably will have to do that again, lol

I’m trying to figure out why none of us can sing, dance, act or play sports, lol lol  we have plenty of Artists but the other stuff NEGATIVE, lol  the second generation has some inklings so that’s cool.

Who’s gonna milk that cow Miss Scarlett? We’s House Workers, you have GOT to LOVE Gone With The Wind.

Why is Wendy Williams dancing like she’s a piece of cardboard and Kirstie Alley is dancing like she’s on a cloud?

And Finally…..

I sat and watched the season finale of the Game finally.  I came into it confuzzled (confused and puzzled) because of the randomness of the previous episode and this didn’t disappoint.  WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!  You know what?  I can’t even begin to figure out how that was a Season Finale.  The sad part of this whole thing is that I’ll continue to watch.  It’s a train wreck.  Why bring something back.  This is BET fault.  I will never not think that. Fuckers!





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2 responses to “Because Facebook Won’t Let Me Be Great, lol

  1. I’m so disappointed in season 4 of the Game. They messed up a good show.

  2. NikkiFree ⋅

    What THE GAME became this season is all BET’s fault. That was crap.
    Dave Chappelle…didn’t dude take off for Africa and hide out or something? I REALLY think Comedy Central tried to wor with him, but it was just too much for him. charlie Sheen, it’s like he’s not recognizing he’s self-destructing. I think Dave did and got the hell on. Anybody dumb enough to buy a ticket to the Sheen train wreck deserves to be ripped off.

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