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Drag Thursday

Her:  Hmm, what kinda women are you?

Me:  EXACTLY the kinda women we want to be!

Well Well Well what do we have here?! Another fabulous installment of Drag Thursday!! I’m sure at some point this will die down, but this has been a great blog series for me!! Let’s get right into it!!

The picture above is all about FABULOUSNESS!!! I was blessed to be able to be in the company of a Jackson again after sooooo many years. That Jackson happened to be the UBER Hot Janet Jackson for her Number One’s Tour!! It was at the historical Fox Theatre and it gave me all the life I need to complete the rest of the year!!

The look above and the final outcome meant a whole bunch of things to me:

  • Except for the shirt, everything finally came out of my own closet!! I had stuff!
  • I was able to pull this whole thing together including make up in less than an hour
  • I HAD MAKEUP!! lol
  • I felt soooooo sexy, which is something I struggle with sometimes because I embraced cute about me, rarely do I embrace sexy and never do I embrace fine
  • The way I felt in that hair is the way I want to feel in hair – this was a half wig that I turned into a full wig
  • It really brought home one of the biggest attributes of being a woman – the fact we can flip it, frock it, disguise it and make it look and feel any kinda way!!!!!!!

Here are the makeup products I used to get this look:

  • The primer and Concealer is by IMAN
  • The Face Perfector is by AVON
  • The foundation is by AVON
  • The shadows are by MILANI – a purple and gold look
  • The Mascara is by AVON – OH MY GOD this is GREAT!! Stole it from the teenager (side eye)
  • The lip gloss was by MILANI
  • The Powder was IMAN

This really was a great ‘fantasy’ look and I had hella fun living in the fantasy.


Height Check 3-31-11

Look at that growth!! Now I feel like it’s legtimate since I BC’ed. I actually helped this grow as opposed to just plopping it under a weave and letting it to it’s thing. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to see if I could actually nourish, manipulate and style my hair to promote growth.

Currently, my hair is straight, due to a picking out of a 7 day dry two strand twist out. I don’t plan to do anything to it right now. I actually am able to do a small puff baby!! Which mean I can now go and get me a colored ‘puff addition’ and bring it up into the Bold arena!! If I decide to rock a puff next week – I won’t be doing anything to my hair, I want to keep it straight to pull it back effectively. If I decide not to, I think I’ll do some coils – haven’t decided if any water needs to touch it as of yet. Probably not. I’m currently mapping out my wig schedule and probably won’t debut anything other than the puff until Mother’s Day. I hate switching up in the middle of the month. If I start the whole puff thing, I want to wear that at least a week, then I’ll take a break – then I might do it again. There are several festivals that are coming to town and I want to be uber cute in the hair!! The sweet auburn festival is usually when I debut something, lol lol So it would be a perfect time to debut that wig I spoke about last time….UNLESSS something new and fab appears on the horizon, lol lol lol

I am not purchasing any product until the Natural Hair show at the end of April, so I’ll be just using stuff I already have. My base is Jane Carter, but I’m running low on Nourish and Shine – I do have my shea butter oil as a back up. I also bought the teenager some pure shea butter and I want to try that on my hair. I might actually take the rest of my nourish and shine and add some shea butter to stretch it (HMMMMMMM)

Once again, thanks to everyone who reads this blog!!!! Ya’ll be easy!!!!


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One response to “Drag Thursday

  1. I see you, Foxy! I’m loving that shirt.

    I was so excited when I had enough hair to put it in in a puff.

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