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Thunderstorms and Thoughts

So I have these Glee type musical sequences sometimes while I’m listening to music. I’ve been listening to Disco music lately and it is giving me much life. This morning I found myself transformed into the Disco queen i have always wanted to be. My Gold catsuit was just making me get hot for myself and I was dancing the night away at some club in NYC. Right there on the train – Noah and the crew from Noah’s Arc appeared to party with me. The music and dancing was electrifying especially after taking that hit of coke (THIS IS MY DAYDREAM AND IN IT I CERTAINLY WOULD BE DOING LINES OF COKE, LOL) RG was there, of course, and his afro was kicking not to mention that jumpsuit he had on that was unbuttoned all the way to his pubic hair!! I almost missed my stop engrossed in that one this morning.

Sometimes I wish the women who modeled the wigs would stand up, especially when they are doing big hair. I need a perspective on their height to see if that wig would work for me. Short folks can’t wear a whole lotta hair successfully.

I feel like I want to do a music video, lol lol Just for the dress up part – it would be full on lip sync.

How come I keep thinking I’m going to have all this disposable income and then I write everything down and it disappears – SHIT!

I need to go get my eyes checked. I’ve determined it must be my glasses.

I tried to think of someone I wanted to find on Facebook and I think I’ve ran out. I don’t even get friend invites anymore, lol lol

I’m feeling quite centered right about now.

Count down to getting a few days off next week! Can’t wait!

Last night I fell in love with my iphone all over again! What a great piece of technology!!

Yes RG phuck your Blackberry (cause I know when you read this – that’s gonna come out your mouth about my iphone, lol)

I discovered that using hair conditioner makes my shower shaving so much more enjoyable. I won’t be using shaving cream ever again – this works better for me. Closer shave without the stinging I always end up with and my skin is moisturized. Try it.

Had to do a mini clean of my time line the other day. I’m not knocking it, but I find it hard to believe that folks live in a permanent prone posture at Jesus’ feet. I know, I get it, you love God and Jesus and have one hell of a memory of the Bible and all things about it. Page me when you fall off the wagon – that probably is much more interesting.

Tomorrow is Janet Jackson concert here in Atlanta – I can’t even articulate how excited I am. I probably won’t totally go into concert freak out mode until I’m getting dressed. I already got my music queued up, lol

I cant’ wait till Friday when I push the word ORDER!! I so think this is the one.

I keep speaking my ipad for Mothers Day into existence – I’ll even accept that as a Mothers Day/Birthday Gift since they are like two weeks apart.

My 45th Bday extravaganza is going to leave me with double the memories of my 40th and I have GOOOOD memories of that bad boy!!

Though I’ve felt insecure a couple of times lately in public situations, I haven’t looked in the mirror and saw anything but the cuteness for a minute now. This is a good thing!!

This is the first weekend in months, I didn’t make up my face even lightly – well ok I did put some mascara on, lol lol

The CNN special on the controversy of building a Mosque in a community just made my back teeth ache. WTF?! WTH?! and GTFOH!! I think all those people are married to their cousins, some their siblings.

I’m still mad I wasn’t on Tom Joyner’s Cruise – it seemed like they had a great time!! DJ Nabs is gonna bless us with pictures soon. We never really see good pictures. I do wonder if the ‘celebrities’ really just chill and mingle with the ‘regular folks’.

Not sure what that last random episode of The Game was about – but the season is about to be OVER Tomorrow!! Not sure how I feel about that.

The teenager didn’t make the Governor’s program – Middle Finger to Mr. Deal.

Bestie had me lauging at myself as I tried to explain if I eyelashes put on and wore my glasses, my fear is I would take my glasses off and the eyelashes would have stuck to them and I pull them off as well. I still want to try some, lol lol I just won’t get Drag length.

I am STILL in amazement that I haven’t seen someone I know, or myself, on You Know You Dead Azz Wrong, lol lol

Sex and the City consistently makes me weepy for two reasons (1) it makes me feel so mushy that I’ve finally found the women I want to grow old with and (2) it brings my relationship with Mobetta into the glaring spotlight and I end up spending some time on that mess.

It sometimes frightens me that all of my fantasies sexual and otherwise include MY HUSBAND. I know I got a stash of other dudes in my memory banks, lol lol it’s him though that floats my boat.

I also have concerns about my ability to just stay in bed watching TV all day long. I feel smarter than that, but I just refuse to really use my brain for some reason.

Last week of letter writing. Wondering who that will be. I’ve enjoyed this exercise and will write a separate post about it. Trying to think up the next challenge for myself.

I am currently (cause you know that could change) at peace with who I am, and the thoughts going on inside my head.

Maureen Smith (author romance novels) has brought back some fire inside me and I hadn’t really realized that it had started to simmer out. I will showcase her books later on, but for now I’m really liking the way I’m exhibiting it.

Ya’ll be easy!!


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One response to “Thunderstorms and Thoughts

  1. Monica C.

    Girl, you crack me up.

    Didn’t Foxy Brown get kicked off of Tom Joyner’s cruise?

    Tom Joyner just seems like he’s always sweating – am I the only one who thinks that? You ever see some people sweat when they eat?

    And I love your disco daydream, LOL!

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