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Sooo When I Get My Money Tonite….

(Note: This is meant to be a lighthearted dream about winning the lottery, so there won’t be any of the drudgery that comes along with it. Who gets what, what get paid etc. etc. let’s get to the good part!)

$310 million tonite for the Mega Millions Baby! Lump Sum you most likely will walk away with $175 million then Uncle Sam takes his back (racket) you will end up with anywhere between $125-$135 when it’s all said and done. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

I’m sure everyone has had the “Lottery Fantasy” some times it really keeps me focused when I’m broke, lol lol Let’s just go away to that world where you can alleviate some of that financial pressure on you and your loved ones. Sometimes I even get the hubby to come along for the ride, lol lol

So when the lottery gets this high, I bring out the big gun fantasy and start going over it and tweaking it accordingly. Here are a few of my ‘ideas’ about winning that kinda money.

Our main place of residence would remain here in Atlanta. I love it here and there’s no way I would leave my girls (or my friends) how the hell could I enjoy that money living somewhere else? The MWC and I had mused over how we would like to live (Ok the promise is who ever get’s “Oprah” will GAILIZE the other two – this is for huge money but no matter what money the three of us do it together). So anyhoo – we had thought about the concept of just doing our own sub division with just our three families. Last year in New Orleans we stayed at a hotel that had a shared courtyard pool area etc. and we really thought about doing that as well – backing up all our houses to a shared common area with space for private yard etc. that would be hella cool EXCEPT FOR ONE THING….the hubby and I LOVE the area we currently live in. It’s so Urban Metro and close to everything we enjoy doing. Seeing as we are at the tail end of the whole full time parenting thing – we really would either like to move directly into the city in some swanky penthouse overlooking the city OR stay in the Brookhaven/Lenox/Druid Hills area. Getting a three or four story Townhouse in that area is the business. The only way I really would consider moving into a more ‘traditional’ setting is if it’s either built by or in the area of these ‘dream homes’ we saw off the East-West Connector. I will NEVER forget that place with the tri level back yard. Talk about entertaining WOWWWWWW!

I have come to the conclusion that there is really no need to own property in NY or LA for that matter. I would probably only be going to NY at the change of the seasons for shopping and LA the same thing (though might be more seeing as the hubby would be out there with this whole film thing) but I’m not trying to pay NY or LA taxes, fees and other BS to not be there at least six months out the year – so that’s a no go. I think additional property should be out of this country. I’ve always wanted my summer home to be in either Cozumel or Turks and Caicos. I’m leaning towards Cozumel. I’ve been a couple of times and it just is so freaking beautiful and there is a lot of the familiarities of home. My dream has always been to pack up and spend the entire month of July on at my vacay home. Folks can drop in and out over that period of time, but that’s where we will be.

I’m not really that into cars, but I’ve always wanted a shiny black convertible Mercedes with the butter leather darker tan seats. The only thing I would like that would set me apart and give me that nigga bling I have to have somewhere (LOL) is that I really would like custom seats with Michael Jackson on them. Yea I said it, lol Just stich him into the seats and I’ll be happy. I personally only need one car, but we would need a Range Rover or something as the family car, hubby a car and daughter a car. Oh and my license plate would read STORMEKA.

This brings me to what exactly would I do now that I don’t have to have a JOB (whew Lawd if only….) Well I would do my charity stuff. I would want to do several projects for my Alma mater Booker T., I also want to develop a scholarship in memory of my Father The Solomon Ali Young Business Person Scholarship” there are so many young people out here grinding legally, I’d like to recognize them and their efforts to Do For Self. I also would like to get involved with “Heal The World” and help the vision of Michael Jackson move forward. Gotta do some work for Diabetes, give on behalf of Cancer and some other stuff as well as possibly starting my own charitable foundation.

I have two dream type situations, I certainly would want to spearhead and bring to fruition a full fledged Michael Jackson Fan Show and Expo. It would hit some major cities and be the most complete situation a Michael Jackson fan would want to be in. The other thing is spearheading a facility for teenagers where they would learn some life skills and have something to do that is not some kinda Boys and Girls Club type situation. A megaplex for them to come and learn as well as play. There are some good kids who just need an outlet. Let’s come here and learn how to cook, how to keep house, how to balance checkbooks, let’s have video game tournaments, let’s have game night, let’s have clean activities. Let’s screen who gets to participate – cause ya’ll know I am not a believer that everyone is gonna make it, so let’s find the ones who are and nuture them.

My besties and I would become a party entity in ourselves. Some parties I know I want to give: The BTW Class of 1984 30th Class Reunion ON ME, A cruise for my family and friends, a Disney Ultimate vacation for Family and Friends and some more formal things on behalf of my charitable foundation(s).

I also will pay the poor rate by setting up something for the Temple my Mother is affiliated with.

It would probably take upwards of a year to get into the stride of being rich financially. It would be a full time job making the transition – but I do know immediately my birthday would turn into the party bus, dugans AND the trip to NYC we wanted to do, lol lol the MWC/wh would be OFF THA CHAIN and me and the family would be all up in some great travel situation.

I won’t sit here and say my shopping habits won’t change cause that’s a lie, but a lot of who I am, is just who I am. I would probably disappear for a minute to get you know myself together (better known as a TUMMY TUCK), lol I would spend plenty of time finding out where the rich go for certain services because if nothing else my hair,, nails, face, health and beauty care would SKY ROCKET!! My pocketbook and shoe game would be on high alert as well, lol lol lol Seeing as we all still need toilet paper and toothpaste – I would still go to my favorite Target but like now my trips to Walmart might lessen. Until I break down with that trainer and get my body right – I’m actually fine with the whole MACY’s, ASHLEY STEWART, NY&CO look. I SWEAR I will not shop at cheap stores, lol lol YET I’m not giving up my thrifting. It’s something I enjoy.

Between decorating my home and laying out my office with all my Mike and Craft stuff, doing FABULOUS shit with my besties, all that background noise, the upgrading and take over of my blog, getting my peeps straight, getting my financial and legal team together, adjusting, prepping the kid for college, celebrating, praying and giving praise etc. I think I’ll be quite busy, lol then when everything gets ‘normal’ – I will just get in a groove and work hard to stay humble, stay focused, maintain my marriage and close friendships and STAY ALIVE to enjoy it!!


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

5 responses to “Sooo When I Get My Money Tonite….

  1. NikkiFree ⋅

    Great ideas, Pam. I think you ran out of money though. $125 million does not go as far as it used to. lol
    Yeah, I fantasize about hitting the jackpot. Same basic ideas as yours. Here we go:
    (1) Where would I live? A really nice, spacious, and very “accessible” condo maybe the Peachtree Battle area. I’ve seen one from the inside. Loved it!Loved the concierge as well. Loved the security! I can’t live above the second or third floor though. I just feel like I need to be able to get me and mine outta there in a hurry if ANYTHING goes down. Chain ladder already in a nice chest on the balcony.(Sounds paranoid. I know. I guess I’ve just been witness to too many things working at the place that I do work at.)
    (2)Charity? Yes, I want to do something for BTW as well. Those kids up there now are in bad shape. Makes you wanna cry. It’s so sad. Not the same loving school we went to and loved.
    Also, there is a children’s respite facility in Union City. One of a kind and a Godsend. They work entirely off donations. I definitely would have to give a sizeable amount to them. Donate a couple of pieces of respiratory equipment to Grady’s neonatal ICU. I would only pay for it if the staff (not administration) approved the choice of equipment. I’ve also thought about setting up a foundation that provides transitional housing for homeless families.I’d name it after my mom. Once a year, around Christmas, I’d set up one family. If job training, daycare, counseling needed I’d arrange that. I would work with the local homeless shelters to determine which family I set up every year. They’d move on to permanent housing by the following november.
    (3) Take care of my family. Goes without saying.
    (4)Something for me? MAID SERVICE! She’d only have to come once or twice a week.I’ve never been to Vegas. Always had this weird desire to see the Grand Canyon. Buy a suite at the Ga Dome and Phillips Arena. (You know I love sports, however, there are other events at these spots that truly make it worthwhile.)I would have to have a setup at Turner Field as well.
    (5) Invest in something rock solid. Not trying to gamble my money away.
    (6) Although it would be tempting to just walk in the J-O-B, I would give two weeks notice. I’d be crazy to let those folks off the hook for paying me my pension. They got my blood, sweat, and tears for over 20 years. I EARNED IT no matter how much money I won.

  2. magnegro

    Ha Kim! Good Plan! Of course alot of this would be off of the interest etc. and the Charitable stuff would take the generosity of others as well, lol lol

    You know I owe the woman who kept Sakinah all those years a few dollars. I certainly would go over there and not only pay her my outstanding balance but I would rebuilt that whole thing from the bottom up. I would have the Crossroads come and cover it, lol

  3. NikkiFree ⋅

    OH!!! You forgot to add that you would self-publish your book!!! :^)

  4. Monica C.

    Damn, you make me want to get in my car and go screeching over to the next 7-Eleven so I can buy myself a scratch-off! With such a well-formed plan, you definitely should play b/c karma almost mandates that you WIN!

    Don’t even let me get started fantasizing about what I would do with some mega millions. First things first: change my damned number, LOL!

  5. Michelle ⋅

    Love it! In my lotto fantasy, I don’t want to start a charity. I used to party plan my own parties w/ my besties and help folks with thei weddings and know from that experience I wouldn’t want to do it if I had wealth. I’d rather throw money @ the problem! LoL

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