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Drag Thursday


Well Happy Spring (giving the side eye to that) to yah!! Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday, where I take you through the motions of me learning and trying to be some kinda beauty. I have two folks to thank for this revelation at this point in my life Rupaul Charles and my Bestie “AM”. I also want to give a shout out to my wig/weave muses: The Character Regine as played by Kim Fields from Living Single and again Rupaul Charles. My clothes muses are actually two sisters that work at my job. They are consistently and forever put together. My overall beauty muses are my daughter ( I find her ravishing to look at) and this sister here at my job. She’s a darker skinned sister and she just moves me with how absolutely beautiful her skin is, looking at her is damn striking. Just overall banging damn I keep a girl crush? Kenya Moore, former Ms. USA. Been her for YEARS!! Now sometimes I give a love lorn look at Beyonce but Kenya does it for me.

So now that we have that out of the way let’s go in.

In an earlier post, I took you on an experimental journey as I practiced manipulating a wig. I had a lot of fun doing that, but ultimately I am disilusioned with the whole process. I really am finding out that outside of a few select pieces, I’m really more of a weave girl. If I put a wig on and look in the mirror and am not blown away immediately, it’s very hard for me to walk outside the house with it on. I see wigs all the time that I really would like to try and I love them but it just never seems to work for me. My rule to myself is if I feel any kinda way uncomfortable in it, and the wig is not for fantasy/party purposes only then I can’t rock it to work. I came to that after a few personal bad feelings about some wigs I’ve worn out the house. An example is that as cute as the wig was when I finished with it – I just wasn’t feeling it to wear out the house. It was just coming across wiggy. Meanwhile, I found a 1/2 wig I had in the closet, put it on as a whole wig and screamed because here was my JANET CONCERT hair right here in my freaking closet!! It was fantastic from every angle, I was rocking it with or without my glasses and I can’t wait to complete the look on next Tuesday. That’s the way I like to feel.

Now saying all of that, I have FINALLY found what I think is the last in my ‘trying wigs’ series and I so believe this is a winner!! I am contemplating what color to get but the purchase of this wig will probably be my last one because I’ll be getting into wasting money territory and I am not trying to do that.

As for what God gave me on my head!! Ohh La La! I have spoken before about this, but after this last dry twist out, I am HOOKED you hear me HOOKED on Jane Carter Products. I have found the line of products I would like to use on my hair. Like a lot of us, we always want something we don’t have. Folks running around wanting all this soft don’t need no detangler stuff I have and I want some straight from Africa Texture. I want to be able to just pull and tug at it with my hands and make defined hair sculpture, lol lol Well the Jane Carter Curl Definer did that for me baby!! As of today, I am on day 4 of this twist out and though it’s getting a bit softer, it is looking great. My hair coils up into this sort corkscrew thingy and I love when it does that – Jane Carter makes this happen much sooner.


I am loving it. I stopped using the nourish and shine everyday, no need. I spray my Shea Butter Sheen on it and keep it stepping.

The Makeup Haul Finale!!

Ok, I believe I have reached the end of the makeup road. I have pretty much everything somebody who is just starting out could and should have, lol this was accomplished by my FANTASTIC TARGET/ELF HAUL this past weekend!! Most beginner and accomplished makeup mavens know about ELF (Eyes Lips Face) cosmetic and brush line. They are great for beginners and sometimes you end up with some very nice stuff. NOTHING in the line is over $5.00 with about 90% of the entire collection priced at..wait for it….ONE DOLLAR!! YEP! Well I had a couple of their glosses that I got at Burlington but I couldn’t find the product line anywhere. Blowing off some steam walking through my favorite Target up the street from my house, I went to the make up aisle, because I like reading about, touching and you know just hanging out around there, lol Well I round the corner and in Broadway lights was the sign ELF. I stopped dead in my tracks and almost screamed. Then I began to shop…….

Yea I went there. I had a nice little shopping basket full of stuff. With the purchases of the brushes, I was able to throw out a couple of brushes that just were not giving me what I needed in terms of coverage etc. I didn’t really see any eye shadow quads etc that were turning me on except this one shown. I have yet to use it but I did some rubs on my hand to see the pigmentation and it’s nice. I would make sure to use my Smash Box Lid Primer before putting them on and I might even put them on damp to see how the color reacts and the staying power.


I had to go out to the Southlake Mall area of Atlanta to handle some business and the Camry took over and I looked up and was sitting in front of Beauty Master. This is the MEGA STORE of Beauty Supply Stores. I have never seen so much weave in my freaking life!! I want to rent the space out and just have a weave/wig cocktail party up in there, lol lol For the past oh couple of months I suppose – they have had all of the previous years Milani line for $1.99 and I mean the entire freaking line. They have so much product it’s just piled up under the tables. So I went on in there and I did good in make up aisles (they also carry NYX – which I want to get a couple of eye shadows from but not now) I came away with this. I had been looking for a true purple quad. Purple looks fantastic on me, if I say so myself (and others have complimented me as well, lol) and I wanted some glosses. I have worn the purple quad to GREAT Satisfaction already. I keep wanting to wear it again, lol lol

Having done so well, I moseyed on over to the new displays of earrings and that’s where I went to the left ya’ll. At $.99 (99 cents) – Stuff was calling me and I ended up leaving with…..

I’ve worn about three of these already and love them. I already see I’ll probably be ordering another one of my earring stands, because the season has just started. I also picked up a couple pairs of clip on earrings. sometimes you just want something (especially us round faced sistas) to lay against your face giving it definition. Now if only they didn’t HURT LIKE HELL!!

So overall, anything I’m getting at this point is just because, I can’t even lie. I actually want to go through and get rid of some things that are just cheap in quality because I probably have replaced it with something I like more. I’m pretty set in the make up department, I am almost set in the hair arena (once I get this latest wig), maybe in the Jewelry department I want to get some bracelets. I tend to kinda shy away from necklaces because I have a short neck and putting something around it – takes away from whatever length I’ve achieved through cleavage, lol I have a routine established and my time to get ready in the morning is picking up speed.

My next thing is practicing eyelash application. ELF’s are $1, so I don’t feel bed if that goes awry. I hope to be rocking some for Janet’s concert.

With April right around the corner, My attention is about to shift to the wardrobe. Really! I want to expound on some cute looks I had last season and make it all work. I’m glad wedges and maxi dresses are still all the rage cause that was a great look on me.

Well next Thursday, I am going to introduce you to some of the baddest sisters on youtube when it comes to makeup, wigs, weaves etc. I want to share them with you because they just have it going on and have a wealth of information. I have learned so much from them. So until next time:





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