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First Day of Spring Randomness

Today marks the first full day of Spring. I’m not believing it weather wise and will stick to my usual schedule of middle of April before I even begin to consider switching out some clothes. I will say though that my complex is a blooming. Some of the trees are just so beautiful in the common areas. Very nice to see, smell. I actually have a regret that we didn’t move on a higher floor so that I could sit out. we face the back and there’s nothing to see but dog shyt and and because we don’t have a border persay – folks just walk all up and down the back. It seemed cool because we are in the cut – but I really wished I could have sat out Saturday morning and drank some coffee and read my book. Oh well.

Countdown to Janet (March 29th) We wanted to go in some of her looks. I actually found a piece of hair in my closet (did a cleaning this weekend) that is perfect. I found the picture with her having the similar style so I’m ready to go. SO EXCITED!! GOD I’M SO EXCITED!!

Sunday I did a level 2 cleaning of my room and basically laid around watching Season 1, Season 2 and the movie for the LOGO Series Noah’s Arc. I have watched it I know a dozen times, but that’s hand down on my television show Hall of Fame. I’m still mad and have written the producer more than once (yea really) about why we can’t at minimum get another movie!! It just brings me joy. Excellent Writing, Character Development, Fashion, Actors giving me much fever, Romance and Sex – so what if it’s all gay black men – that makes it that much more sensational. I miss these characters and it’s been like 3 or 4 years now SIGH.

You ever see someone and immediately think of how beautiful they are, spend 5 minutes with them and pretty much come to the conclusion they ain’t got no man and probably don’t have one for long? Thanks Halle for dispelling the pretty girl gets all the men rumor!

You know what! Bump all that other shit! I want what I want and that’s what I wanna have!! So it’s back on baby!! (childish rant over)

I am pumping up the hubby that I want a photo shoot, outside or in some great location. A couple of outfits and a bit of hair. I want to be fab! I keep seeing myself in my wedding gown under some newly blooming tree running or jumping barefeet, natural hair a blaze.

Do you have a sexual hall of fame list? You know you do – sometimes you run back through your life and pull up specific events with certain people that make you smile. I went through my list on the train this morning – whew Lawd!!

Speaking of I looked at pictures of over 50 random janks this weekend – not sure why but they just kept coming and coming at me. Making a mental note to purchase some Calvin Klein boxer briefs for Fathers Day…………

I want to download and upgrade my itunes list, but I always stop short because I tend to read now on the train. I need to get an attachment for my car.

I’d like to go to one more concert this year besides Janet. Keeping my fingers crossed New Edition gets it worked out.

Festival season is right around the corner. Can’t wait!! Love me some street festivals!!

The letter writing is going very good. I sent off my 3rd letter today – this one was to someone I am estranged from. It could have been quite scattered, but I stayed focused and included pictures 🙂 The response I got from my first letter made me smile for most of the day. The second letter was so out there – I don’t expect a response through any medium, I need to write 2 letters next week to wrap it up. I will tell you the last letter will be to my husband.

I wasn’t exposed to ‘affection’ that much in my life, so it can sometimes be an effort to be receptive of it. My husband is the KING of affection, he is always touching, hugging, telling me he loves me, playing around etc. sometimes I still wann go into my shell but I try very hard to push through. The human touch is wonderful and I enjoy it, but sometimes it’s hard.

I applaud the young man who body slammed that bully – ain’t nobody gotta take that shit!!

I have been rediscovering some personal bloggers sites. I got away from them for awhile and got enamoured with celebrities, now I’d like to read about some folks a bit more in the real world, lol Happily some folks I read back in the day are still blogging.

I told my daughter thank you for not being difficult during these times of cutbacks, lay off’s and money wrangling. I know she has things she wants and she hasn’t been complaining (to me) as well as, she’s been wearing her same clothes and Hajibs, sneakers etc. without a fuss. I am dedicating some money to her during April – I actually cant’ wait.

I”m doing pretty good with my health. Been taking all my meds on time and consistently – testing at least once a day, still haven’t fallen off the sugar drinks wagon (YAY!!!) So now I am trying to space out meals and include some better snacks so that I don’t want to you know eat LAYS, lol lol lol My weight is steady and I actually feel really good – some issues I was having have disappeared and I am eager to get back to the Dr. to get some numbers and see how I’m really doing.

When the whole entire world is working my damn nerves. She doesn’t. That means a lot to me.

I am planning my Mothers Day gifts. I need to make my list of recipients.

I really should have been of age during the Studio 54 era. I figure 1968 to 1977 would have been the perfect time for me to be in my 20’s. I would want the hubby there with me. I would so embrace the look, the feel, the drugs, lol lol Just wacked out having fun!! I probably would have met Michael Jackson dammit! He would have got some whether he wanted it OR NOT!! LOL LOL LOL

I am encircling my entire body with Tom Joyner Cruise HATE!! They can kiss my landlocked broke ass!!! One day, probably the very year I get it together he will stop doing the cruises, lol You know that’s how it goes.

Auto show this weekend!! It’s a family tradition!! Since Reggie and I met each other and one of our dates was there – we go every year!


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