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Drag Thursday!

I stared openly on the train this morning as this was my first time seeing with my own eyes the reverse lace front wig in all it’s glory. She was patting it down with the attitude of this is about as fly as you can get in one day. The one green streak must have been for Saint Paddy’s day but looked oddly out of place on her JET BLACK Skin!!! Due to immense fear that she would beat me down like a child, I refrained from getting a shot to post on You Know You Dead Azz Wrong and get the glory I deserve for capturing this hot mess.


WELL GOOD MORNING!! Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursdays – where I attempt to take you along on what probably will be a life long journey as I try to work it out skin, clothes, hair, beauty. Right off the bat – I AM BORED WITH MY HAIR!!! Whew Lawd! I am entering the danger zone for real. Surprisingly I’m not thinking relaxer, I’m thinking C-U-T and I promised myself that I would not cut it after that last BC and just let it grow on out. I just keep feeling like it’s just….sitting there. No matter what particular style I do, it ends up just being a curly fro.

This weekend I did a co-wash with Jane Carter and then began some coils, couldn’t find my rat tooth comb, so I started doing them by hand, got tired because the length is short and then just started doing them kinda haphazardly. My hair dries so fast! Really in like 10 minutes it’s basically dry so I have to keep wetting and wetting just to get over my whole head. This resulted in a very short cute curly thing, which was cool. Yet I’m getting tired of it and my hair has grown.

Because that woman has convinced me my hair is dry, I have decided to deep condition every weekend of the month of March. Sunday I will be using some Taliah conditioning oil. This past Sunday it was Jane Carter with a conditioner cap and a warm towel out the microwave. I FINALLY found my blow dryer cap attachment, so this Sunday I’ll be going under the heat for real with this oil. I’m not convinced with one run through my head that it could be determined dry – I know from manipulating my own hair that too much oil just doesn’t work for me. Hot oil treatments usually leave my hair a hot mess and take forever to leave – YET I will use hot oil this Sunday to see what the deal is, now that I am completely natural. Hopefully my hair shaft is open and receptive to oil. If not I might do a finger wave with the build up, lol lol

Anyhoo – I wasn’t particularly sleepy last evening and decided to watch a few episodes of Noah’s Arc on my phone ( MISS THAT SHOW) and retwist some sections of my hair because from Thurs-Sunday I had activities and my hair had lost it’s shape. I grabbed the Jane Carter and my pick comb and picked it out. Then I did three strand plaits in the front, perimeter, and kitchen area (more on that area in a minute) and some unstructured twists all in the middle. I have been using my SATIN scraf, now that I’ve found one that doesn’t slide all over the place.


A freaking new lease on my hair!!! My issue was the whole WET STYLING!! I used to do Dry twist,coil,plait out etc. but because I BC’ed I kinda switched up. Well now my hair is long enough to go back. My height and fullness is SPECTACULAR when I do it dry. I used a finger of Jane Carter Nourish and Shine and it was on and poppin this morning. So far I have received 2 compliments!! So I’m back interested in my hair…..for…

Ok, about my kitchen, for some reason it’s the softest and thinnest part of my head currently. It also insists on growing in as a shag!!!!!!!!! I want to get my head shaped up so that it won’t look so much like a shag, but on the real – I don’t want to look like no dude shape up. I might ask the hubby to take me to his barber to just line me up a bit, SOFTLY!! Currently, I feel like pinning it up a bit so it doesn’t just hang down – but I don’t want to lose the length.

At last count I have like 5 different textures in my freaking head. I am 100% sure I have NO Relaxer left in my head, this has allowed me to realize that I have portions of my head that were just straight anyway, then I have the horseshoe portion that just feels right being frizzy and permanently damaged (in my mind) and then I have this one section I would die to have all over my head – just these really fly natural coils, add in the part that is roll back on itself curly and then the fact that the whole left side of my head is softer and thinning than the right and there you have it.

I am SERIOUSLY considering using the month of April and May as Prep for the Summer months. This means putting my hair up in a weave and taking it out just in time for my birthday. My issue is I really want to find the right texture hair and so far I haven’t found it. I am going to walk the aisles at Beauty Master this weekend on the hunt. Based on that, I will decide to move forward with that idea.

The reason I won’t just rock a wig is because for some reason after about a week, my temples REALLY start to bother me (itching etc.) when I wear wigs. I don’t know if it’s the chemical or what, but it’s hard for me to wear a wig more than a week and so two months of a wig would drive me crazy. I said I was going to wash the temples of the next wig I got and put some alcohol on them to see if that helped. I will report back on this.


I really have nothing to report. I have an Avon haul coming in around the first of April that I will share with you. Just doing my regular routine. Ohhhh Maybelline has some new make up where you find your Temperature and then color and it has foundation, powder, blush, etc. that you then coordinate. I saw it at Kroger and they actually had something to help you match it up available. I am intrigued – you know I wanted a cream to powder foundation in my stash. Not sure if right now I am $8.99 intrigued, but I might be if I find a coupon. Damn it isn’t Cover Girl I have like 3 coupons for them!!

I don’t know whether to hold off on any more foundations till the summer to see if I get any darker and need another shade (never thought of that huh). I probably won’t because traditional lines like black Opal etc. seem to have nice rich deeper tones and it would be the perfect time to get one of the much talked about ‘foundation sticks’ from them during the summer.

STAY OUT THE WALMART ON THE CORNER OF COLUMBIA AND MEMORIAL DRIVE!! It’s the Devil and he’s presenting the best Walmart Make Up Section I’ve seen in awhile.

 I had to just go!! Just damn go!!



 I already have one sister that wants to get her Drag on!!

Oh and before I forget – I am currently suffering from a bad case of hair envy. I know two sisters who’s hair this summer is going to be so freaking fantastic, which is why I may put mine up to get some serious growth on. I really want to ttry to rock my own hair 85% of the time this summer and so I need a bit more height or at least enough so I can attach some pieces, lol lol

As always THANKS for allowing me to ramble.  This is like having a convesation with a friend. 🙂

Till next time!!!


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  1. My hair is always bigger and longer when I twist on dry hair. I prefer twisting on dry hair.

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